Fashionkins // Falling for Shoes

A girl can never have too many shoes. As we transition into the cooler months, there are so many options for your little girls. The ever so classic t-straps are on trend and provide a sophisticated touch to any fall outfit. Ankle boots are always fun and versatile. Oxfords are given a glittery update and look very cool when paired with tights.

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Babiekins Magazine|Fashionkins//Falling for Shoes

Photography & Concept:Red Rabbit Photography|Stylist:Sophie Gunnersen| MUA/Hair – Lynsay Gallacher|Shot at Decent Exposures Studio Prahran Melbourne

Stockings|Shoes|Dress and Ribbons: Photographers Own|Foxes: Red Fox Atelier Melbourne Australia|
Paper Dresses|Flowers

Fashionkins // An Interview with Ashleigh Dempster of AKID

The AKID booth at Playtime New York stopped me in my tracks. The repetitive black and white graphics of the AKID logo, mirrored pedestals and vast collection of children’s footwear made quite the impression on me. The AKID brand offers low tops, high tops, loafers, moccasins (with an athletic sole!) and all in the most incredible patterns and materials. The lovely Ashleigh Dempster tells us what motivated her and her husband, Matt George, to launch the brand. She lets us in on what inspires the designs found in their collections and tells us which designs our little babiekins need to have.

Babiekins Magazine|AKID


Tell us how your son, Jasper, was the catalyst for starting AKID.

It wasn’t until Jasper started walking that we noticed the gap in the marketplace for functional yet stylish children’s footwear. I was always on the hunt for shoes that were sparkle free and surprisingly the selection was limited. With Matt’s experience in the footwear industry and my love for shoes, it was just a matter of time before we collaborated on a collection together.

You and Matt are so knowledgeable of and connected to the adult fashion industry; how is the children’s market similar or different?

My background is in corporate sponsorship/events. I have worked with fashion brands on the marketing side but I am totally new to the design game.  That being said, I love good style and design when I see it! Matt, on the other hand, has a decade of experience in the men’s fashion and footwear industry. His knowledge is invaluable in the early stages of the business.

Kids look amazing in everything, so I feel like you can be much more playful in the textures, colors and styles that you produce.

What is your design process like? AKID uses so many different patterns and textures. How do you edit your ideas and create such cohesive collections that successfully feature these patterns and textures?

The design process is ongoing. We’re constantly pulling ideas for collections, sampling new styles, etc.  Because AKID is so young, it’s important for us to try out different colors, patterns and textures to see what our customers respond to. I love being in LA because I am constantly surrounded by creative people that impress and inspire me on a daily basis. For example, I went to a tarot card reading this week with a woman who does her readings out of a teepee in Lauren Canyon. I wish I had a photo of her space to share with you as it was so zen and beautiful.  The most unexpected place will often spark an idea for our next photo shoot, collection or collaboration.

How has parenthood affected your personal styles?

Not much has changed for Matt.  For me, I wear flats a little more than I used to (CONVERSE has become my best friend). I’m not sure if that is directly connected to becoming a mother or moving to LA. Both happened at the same time. Other than that, I’m still rocking the same old stuff I usually would!

Babiekins Magazine//AKID

Tell us about AKID’s  F/W 2014 collection. Which are your favorite styles and why do our little babiekins need them?

All the adorable babiekins definitely need a pair of AKID!  I tend to gravitate to the funkier styles.  The leopard ATTICUS in red pony hair and the white JASPER’s black stars are two of my favorites from this season’s collection.

Babiekins Magazine|AKID

Babiekins Magazine|AKID

Babiekins Magazine|AKID

Babiekins Magazine|AKID

AKID// Website|Instagram|Facebook

MOMKINS :: In the Workspace with Freshly Picked


I am thrilled to share Susan Petersen’s hip moccasin company, Freshly Picked, as our featured workspace of the day! If you aren’t familiar with the fashionable children’s moccasins I highly recommend you check them out. My Jessica owns two pairs and they rarely leave her feet. Each pair of moccasins, no matter who they are being made for, are made with care, perfection and a love for the little feet that will eventually fill them.




We asked owner, Susan Petersen, a few questions and here’s what she had to say.

Do you feel that your workspace is reflective of your personality?
Yes! I feel like we are trying to have an open space where everyone will feel welcome. We love for little visitors to pop over and say, ‘Hi!’

Your business has turned into quite a success! How do you balance work and motherhood?
Thank you! This year has been a whirlwind. The secret to work-life-balance is that the whole concept is a myth. The truth of the matter is that I don’t balance it. Sometimes I go to bed and the house is a mess or sometimes you leave the office feeling like you haven’t accomplished much. For me it comes down to choices and what I say yes to. I try really hard to not commit myself beyond the responsibilities that I have. I hope that people don’t look at my life and think, how does she do it all? I would never want anyone to feel inadequate, I don’t do it all! I have lots and lots of help and the path that I’ve chosen isn’t for everyone. It does, however, work for us.

Each season you are turning to new colors and tones for your moccasins, what inspires your designs?
This season we tried to go for deep rich colors, I was really inspired by the changing seasons. I’m getting really excited about the colors/styles we are cooking up for spring! I don’t want to give too much away but we are really going to turn it up!

When you were a child what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?
I wanted to be a business owner! People often ask me if I ever imagined being here and my answer is always, yes! I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do!


Susan, thank you for sharing your creative workspace and a little insight into what makes Freshly Picked such a unique company!

Liz // Yellow Finch

Luvkins :: Favorite Summer Flip Flops

Babiekins Magazine loves HavaianasWith summer around the corner I am already boxing up our winter coats and pants and trading them for shorts and flip flops. I am a mom of 2 little boys and so dressing them isn’t a big problem. Put some board shorts and a tee on them and they are ready to go….until you get to their feet. Here in California we are lucky enough to wear flip flops 90% of the year and with 2 active boys its just the easiest thing for us to have around. They slip them on and we are on our way! One struggle we have had though is to find them the perfect flip flop because they have wider than normal feet (I call them my hobbits). When I went to Brasil in 2003 I fell in love with the flip flops that are widly popular now in the USA- Havaianas. Since then they are the only thing I buy and put on my kids feet. They are made of Brasilian rubber which make them super flexible and breathable.

They carry an array of designs for kids (how cool are the Batman flip flops?), babies (love the strap in the back which will ensure they won’t fall off your little one’s foot) and then awesome designs for him and her! I am dying over these here!
Havaianas retail from $14 and up.

Find the flip flops above here:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6