Momkins // Keechii Bags

As a mother of three, I’m always on the go. Lately, my style has become pretty casual and comfortable. I love pairing designer jeans, a soft oversized sweatshirt and fancy sneakers for a busy day. I’m so happy that this sporty chic trend is still going strong as it really suits my mood. I was in search [...]

Featurekins // Happy Birthday SMALLable

Happy 6th Birthday SMALLable!

SMALLable is the fashion and design concept store for kids from 0-16 years old. SMALLable gives you access to over 300 designer brands handpicked from across the globe, some of which are sold exclusively on their site. In one click you’ll travel from New York to Copenhagen, from London [...]

Fashionkins // Ahoy Tees

For our middle boy Jerome, we had a nautical themed baby shower, birth announcement, party, etc. In short, everything was covered in anchors, stripes and pirates until his first birthday. Even now, I must say that I am drawn to all those cool props and drawings with that have a nautical feel. I was over the [...]