Fashionkins // Paisley

Today kicks off the 7th Annual petitePARADE,Kids Fashion Week, not-so-pint-sized runway shows specifically dedicated to children’s fashion in New York City. Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with Paisley, the coolest “modern rocker” Fashionkin at The Met.
















So where do you [...]

Fashionkins // Cassidy

My mom likes to complain about the “terrible tens” … my awkward stage of adolescence when it seemed like nothing really fit well and department stores were filled with items either “too babyish” or “too inappropriate”. I think this is must have been when an inherent distaste for shopping for myself developed.

The tweens of [...]

Fashionkins // Ahoy Tees

For our middle boy Jerome, we had a nautical themed baby shower, birth announcement, party, etc. In short, everything was covered in anchors, stripes and pirates until his first birthday. Even now, I must say that I am drawn to all those cool props and drawings with that have a nautical feel. I was over the [...]