Lil'Stylekins // Superhero Threads

To say that I am obsessed with Lot801′s Superhero Collection would be an understatement. I love (LOVE) leggings for Lucas and finding new and creative ways to make them work for him. These just make it so easy and fun! What little one doesn’t want to [...]

Fashionkins // Paisley

Today kicks off the 7th Annual petitePARADE,Kids Fashion Week, not-so-pint-sized runway shows specifically dedicated to children’s fashion in New York City. Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with Paisley, the coolest “modern rocker” Fashionkin at The Met.
















So where do you [...]

Fashionkins // Cassidy

My mom likes to complain about the “terrible tens” … my awkward stage of adolescence when it seemed like nothing really fit well and department stores were filled with items either “too babyish” or “too inappropriate”. I think this is must have been when an inherent distaste for shopping for myself developed.

The tweens of [...]