Sleepykins // A Shared Space

I was one of those kids that grew up sharing a room with my sibling. My sister and I would often fight over who slept on the top , stay up late giggling as she told me silly stories from the bottom bunk and then we would spend hours [...]

Sleepykins // Jules' room

Jules’ room.

We combined vintage items with new items and I love how it all turned out. Last week we made a little reading nook under his bed. I made the big cushion myself with black and white dots on one side, black and white stripes on the other side. Before bed we read and [...]

Funkins // Kids in the house

With kids in the house, it sometimes tends to get messy. Hey, who am I kidding — it is messy most of the time! Kids need their own space that they are allowed to mess up a bit here and there, but it doesn’t mean that I am always happy about it. My kids have [...]