Sleepykins // Which Way? That Way.

It can often be difficult to find a designer that truly understands how children see the world – with That Way we have finally found a genius that has managed it. The brains and creativity behind this imaginative brand come from Aga and Damian.

Aga has used her years of expertise as an art [...]

Sleepykins// Dide’s Room

Remember Cato’s room tour by Debbie Verhgn? Well, here’s little sister’s room…

Dide (Queen D. for insiders) has a bright room with a soft pink pastel touch. With some DIY projects like the harlequin wallpaper on the closets, the paper tassel garland and the painted rain cloud on the wall, her room has a distinct [...]

Sleepykins // A Shared Space

I was one of those kids that grew up sharing a room with my sibling. My sister and I would often fight over who slept on the top , stay up late giggling as she told me silly stories from the bottom bunk and then we would spend hours [...]