Featurekins // Model Spotlight: Cassidy Eveler

ElizabethPettey Photography for Babiekins Magazine Blog. Featurekins // Model Spotlight: Cassidy Eveler of Future Faces NYC in SOHO

It’s Friday afternoon at the Starbucks on Spring Street in Soho and ten year old Cassidy giggles beside me, tall hot chocolate in hand, as I wrangle her awesomely-tangled hair into two trendy “inside out” french braids. Her positive and endearing personality warm up the room and she’s bursting with energy; you’d never know she’s been working around the [...]

Fashionkins :: Je t’aime NYC

Fashionkins :: Images that didn't make print issue one! Photos by Priscilla Gragg for Babiekins Magazine

Print issue one was so full of amazing photography that it was hard to pick what would go into it and what we couldn’t use. One editorial that was beautifully done was Je t’aime NYC by Priscilla Gragg. Here are some of the images that didn’t get used but are just too [...]