Fashionkins// Fit For A Prince

It’s been a regal affair this week over here in the UK. With the Christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge causing a stir. It was in fact her big brother Prince George, that took centre stage. Head-to-toe adorable in outfits evocative of the ’40’s era, he’s been at the top spot of best dressed lists.

Inspired by royal babiekin style, my cute little babiekin is rocking an outfit fit for a prince. I’ve got a lot of love for a boy that can rock patent T-Bars this well.

Babiekins Magazine | Fit For A Prince Outfit

Babiekins Magazine | Fit For A Prince Shirt Close Up

Babiekins Magazine | Fit For A Prince | Shorts Detail

Babiekins Magazine | Fit For A Prince | Looking At Car

Credits // Shoes | Outfit

Lil’ Stylekins // La Coqueta


I recently discovered La Coqueta – a beautiful children’s brand with items ranging from leather shoes to timeless knits. Each piece is made in Spain and when you see the items in person, you can instantly tell (and feel) that you are dressing your child in something extremely special. What I love most is the quality and just how classic the designs are – perfect for passing on to your younger children (and even holding onto for future grand babies – eek!). You can shop the entire collection here..and with my little girl on the way I have been eyeing almost every piece in their baby section. Simply gorgeous!


Images // Nicole Gonzalez

Lil Stylekins // Sport Luxe

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Beau Loves Hat

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Urban Merino 2

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Raglan Sleeve

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Hello Apparel

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Raglan Sleeve Zipper


I’m in a ‘Sport Luxe’ phase this season. My eye for the classic shapes with interesting details, easy to wear colour ways and mix of fabrics has moved onto the boy’s wardrobe. Going into summer we’ve swapped our hi tops and boots for retro inspired sliders. Having got a pair for myself; I just couldn’t resist some mini versions. Mixing them up with ripped denim and raglan sleeves for a sport inspired look.

I love the 80’s vibe of this combination, he loves the comfort. We’ll call that a win!



Fashionkins // Dates with Mom

Babiekins Magazine | Dates with MomBabiekins Magazine | Dates with MomBabiekins Magazine | Dates with MomBabiekins Magazine | Dates with MomBabiekins Magazine | Dates with MomBabiekins Magazine | Dates with MomBabiekins Magazine | Dates with Mom

After I had my second baby I realized how important alone time with each child really is. Those special memories of enjoying quality one-on-one time with each of them and doing things they love is priceless. For me, it’s never really about what we are doing, but rather the little conversations that come with it and the moments that help me learn more about their personalities. We found matching denim jumpers on a recent shopping trip and I felt like our date was the perfect occasion. I have always loved to match with my daughter but now its even more fun because she loves it too. In her eyes, right now, twinning means she gets to “be like mommy,” as she refers to it. As we got ready to leave on our special date, she stood toe-to-toe with me, looked up with the biggest smile, pointed to our matching sandals and told me they were “pewwfect togeder.” On our date we walked through downtown Ventura, hand-in-hand, as I listened to her sassy lil’ voice go on and on about all kinds of things she had on her mind. The type of chitter chatter I want to remember forever.

Credits // On Kaylee: Sweater Gap | Jumper Gap | Sunglasses @fjs_popshop on Instagram | Socks Target | Sandals Saltwater | Purse H&M // On Me: Jumper Forever 21 | Sandals Saltwater | Glasses Forever 21 | Hat Ralph Lauren | Necklace James Michelle

Fashionkins // One Tank Dress 3 Ways

A simple cute tank dress can be so versatile for your little ones spring summer wardrobe. Super comfortable, and easy to wear. Whether it be girly or with a hint of androgyny; Edie loves wearing hers all ways!

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Bobo Choses Tank Socks

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Bobo Ghost Dress

Babiekins Magazine |Lil Stylekins | Bobo Choses Ghost Dress and Nesting Dolls

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Check Shirt Bobo Choses Ghost Dress

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Bobo Choses Ghost Dress Doc Martens

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Bobo Choses Ghost Dress Jeans

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Nesting Dolls Close Up Bobo Choses

Babiekins Magazine | Lil Stylekins | Bobo Choses Ghost Dress Tucked In Jeans


Outfit // Bobo Choses Ghost Dress | Bobo Choses Socks | Converse | Duffer Shirt | Dr. Martens | Zara Kids Jeans | H&M Hat | Nesting Dolls | Peg Dolls | Print








Fashionkins // Springtime and Rainbows

Babiekins Magazine|lil'stylekins::springtimerainbows Babiekins Magazine|lil'stylekins::springtimerainbows1 Babiekins Magazine|lil'stylekins::springtimerainbows3 Babiekins Magazine|lil'stylekins::springtimerainbows2 Babiekins Magazine|lil'stylekins::springtimerainbows4 Babiekins Magazine|lil'stylekins::springtimerainbows5

It’s officially Spring and the little man and I couldn’t be happier. What could be more perfect to show off how happy we are than a light weight jacket adorned with a rainbow. A rainbow! I mean, it doesn’t get more cheery (and springy) than that. We discovered this amazing jacket via Minou Kids and I just love all the fun, whimsical patterns and colors in the collection. Happy April everyone!

Jacket and tee from Minou Kids | Pants from My Mila | Sneakers from Zara Kids

Images // Nicole Gonzalez 

Fashionkins // Twinning in Lightning Bolts and Wild Zebras

My mom used to dress my older sister and I in matching outfits. To tell you the truth, we were not big fans of it but now, being a mom, it’s my turn to make some twinning magic happen and I will take full advantage of it while I can, because twinning is winning!
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 02
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 03
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 05
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 01
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 06
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 04

Credits // body, leggings and dress: Gardner and the Gang | top and socks: h&m | quilt and pillow: Zara home kids

Fashionkins // Ahoy Tees

For our middle boy Jerome, we had a nautical themed baby shower, birth announcement, party, etc. In short, everything was covered in anchors, stripes and pirates until his first birthday. Even now, I must say that I am drawn to all those cool props and drawings with that have a nautical feel. I was over the moon when I discovered this cool brand Ahoy Tees! Now I can coordinate all my babies in matchy matchy Ahoy! They even have the cutest tops for mamas.

Clothing: Ahoy Tees


Lil'Stylekins // KaPow Kids

We love discovering fabulous new brands. I recently stumbled upon KaPow Kids and I immediately wanted to order the whole line! KaPow Kids is a unique Aussie label and they design bright, fun and limited edition clothes for our littles. They are based in Melbourne and designed for babies and toddlers who want to stand out from the crowd. The clothes are all hand made in limited quantities and sell out pretty quickly.

Babiekins Kapowkids 2

Babiekins Kapowkids 5

Babiekins Kapowkids 9

Babiekins Kapowkids 6

KaPow Kids // Website

Lil’ Stylekins // Where Personality Meets Fashion

Babiekins Magazine | Lil' Stylekins

Babiekins Magazine | Lil' Stylekins

Babiekins Magazine | Lil' Stylekins

Babiekins Magazine | Lil' Stylekins

Meet Lexi, an outgoing three-year-old who is bursting with personality and style. She is a perfect fit for our Lil’ Stylekins. Thank you Samantha for sharing your little Lexi with Babiekins!

LIL’ STYLEKINS is a fun series which showcases real style from real kids! Do you have photos you would like to share? Here’s how!

LIL’ STYLEKINS // Prints and Denim

During summer holidays, Lilou and her cousin Marcel, play together all day, every day.  Like true best friends, or should I say…partners in crime, they even want to wear the same clothes! They both adore printed leggings. These ones of Diapers & Milk have the cutest and brightest prints and they are so soft and comfortable! Paired with a denim shirt, they are ready for another fun day!

denim and print 4

foto 2(1)

foto 4

foto 1(1)

foto 2


Of course I added some matching styling tips for mama’s and papa’s too!

Credits // tops, H&M, leggings, Diapers & Milk, sandals, Saltwaters