Fashionkins // Flower Play

Our favourite way to spend the weekend is at home with no commintments and nothing to get done. It means we play, read, pick flowers and spend time savouring slowness.

Our yard is filled with native and planted pretties in every shade of pink with oranges and yellows and rainbows at our fingertips.

We are never without vases filled with little blooms and coloured petals to sort and play with.

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Flower Play

Clothing & Accessories // Poppy's top: Boy + Girl, Piper top and skirt: Bobo Choses from Mr Wolf Kids, Boots: Minnetonka Moccassins from Stars in a Jar

Lil’ Stylekins // La Coqueta


I recently discovered La Coqueta – a beautiful children’s brand with items ranging from leather shoes to timeless knits. Each piece is made in Spain and when you see the items in person, you can instantly tell (and feel) that you are dressing your child in something extremely special. What I love most is the quality and just how classic the designs are – perfect for passing on to your younger children (and even holding onto for future grand babies – eek!). You can shop the entire collection here..and with my little girl on the way I have been eyeing almost every piece in their baby section. Simply gorgeous!


Images // Nicole Gonzalez

Featurekins // Keetan

With Summer gaining pace here, I’m having great fun shopping online for fun new pieces for my Babiekins’. Keetan has some great lines of new brands; from beautifully delicate vintage inspired pieces, to contemporary staples with injections of playful colour.

I met with Sarena to learn more about Keetan’s story.  A carefully curated space of true celebration of childhood and parenthood.

The story of how Keetan came to be is inspired! Sarena, tell us how this family affair was born in October?

My Mom opened her first children’s clothing shop in California in the 90’s, when my sister and I were in elementary school. She would take us on local buying trips, and we would spend a lot of time in the shop after school. I started doing the buying with her – properly when I was around twelve years old. Since then the shop changed locations and expanded, we began to travel further to buy. In October I returned to Los Angeles after finishing my Master’s, and we decided to start Keetan. Our online shop named after the littlest in our family, my five year old brother.

I love your family style, you’re so in tune with each other and clearly a close unit, with your mothers passion for the industry, did Keetan feel like the natural step for you?

Keetan was absolutely the obvious way for us to move forward. When we buy, we do not really have a strategy, we often just choose what we like; and I don’t think bricks and mortar can always handle the inventory. We have a lot of experience between us, and we all wanted a role in our growing family business. We agreed that a shift online was the natural way for us to expand. With Keetan, we have a great deal more flexibility with how much inventory we can carry, which we are all really excited about. My younger sister previously worked in womenswear and has now also come on board. It really has become a family affair!

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Summer Dress


Tell us more about your style, what is your go to outfit?

Right now, my go-to outfit is a plaid skirt, casual tee and sweater, and either boots and espadrilles! I should mention though that some of my best finds come from the shop. We have these amazing Stella McCartney kids embroidered denim shorts and I snagged the biggest pair for myself, I was so pleased they fit! One of my favourite designers that we carry is Morley. I can fit into their size 14 or 16, so whenever we write Morley, I always add a few pieces for myself!

…And what outfit do you love to see Keetan rock the most?

We have these Munster heather grey loose fit pants with paint splatters that he looks great in – those with a Little Eleven Paris tee. We sold the paint splatter pants so quickly – definitely a favourite this season! Keetan is super active and likes to roll around in drop crotch pants (either Munster or Nununu) a cotton tee and hoodie, with is Doc Martens.

You’ve referred to the fall as being your favourite time of year; What is it about the fall that you love so much?

October is our favourite month of the year because we love Halloween. We are all summer kids though, my sister and I grew up in Los Angeles and we cannot live without the sunshine and beach. We live very close to the coast and I think Keetan has a year-round summery aesthetic because it is what we are inspired by each day.

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Jump Shot

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Stella McCartney Dress

You visited Playtime Paris this year, How did you enjoy Europe? Do you find travelling a source of inspiration?

Playtime Paris is our favourite show, we came across some of our favourite designers there. We also attended Pitti Bimbo in Florence for the first time in January, which was quite a fun experience! Our entire family loves to travel and move around. My parents grew up in England, my Dad was born in India. My sister Simran and I have travelled all over the world together, we once spent an entire summer a few years back travelling through Columbia. Traveling is undoubtedly a huge inspiration for us. Many of the designers we carry are based outside of the United States. I also think that it is important to be conscious of where our products are produced. Brands like Mini Rodini are fantastic, because they place a lot of emphasis on ethical and sustainable production.

You have some stunning pieces, the addition of your illustrations you add to share them on your Instagram is such a fun idea!… You’ve introduced me to a few labels I need to learn more about. What it is that you look for when buying for Keetan?

When we buy, we buy what we like, and that pretty much encompasses our strategy! My Mom and I always buy together, we are useless without the other. When we do buy for our brick-and-mortar store, we carry a lot of casual, beach inspired clothing and cannot buy too much wool or warm weather clothing. California is experiencing a major drought and it has been so warm here all year round. We are really excited though to start diversifying our buying now that we have our online shop and can reach customers all over the world.

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan NuNuNu Star Romper

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Handstand Shot

I’m sure you guy’s are in for such a great year… What does the future hold for Keetan?

We are so excited for this upcoming year! We are going to continue spending a great deal of time working on Keetan and spreading the word. We will be in Europe in July for Playtime and it will be Simran’s first time on an overseas buying trip!

Thank you so much Sarena. We can’t wait to see what this year brings for Keetan.

Keetan // Website | Facebook | Instagram

Photography : Elizabeth Pettey | Styling : Elizabeth Pettey / Donna Tweedale | Models : Olivia | Haileigh | Paulina | Maddie

Momkins // Not Without My Mini: Mommy and Me Style

Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 10 Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 02 Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 09 Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 04 Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 03 Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 07 Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 08 Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 05

If you saw my last post, you might already know that twinning is a big hit in our family. This time, I decided to take it to the next level and match outfits with my mini! I think it’s super cute and she feels extra special whenever she gets to dress like mommy. If you don’t know yet what you are going to be wearing for mother’s day, think about matching or color coordinating outfits with your kids. I can guarantee you some very cute pictures and lots of sparkle in their eyes!

Credits // On Me: Sweatshirt: Shana | Sunglasses: Zara | White Denim: Zara | Sneakers: Primark // on Lola: Sweatshirt: Shana | Shorts: Zara Kids | Socks: h&m | Boots: Calzados Bermúdez

Fashionkins // Twinning in Lightning Bolts and Wild Zebras

My mom used to dress my older sister and I in matching outfits. To tell you the truth, we were not big fans of it but now, being a mom, it’s my turn to make some twinning magic happen and I will take full advantage of it while I can, because twinning is winning!
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 02
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 03
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 05
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 01
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 06
Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 04

Credits // body, leggings and dress: Gardner and the Gang | top and socks: h&m | quilt and pillow: Zara home kids

Featurekins // Minou Kids

We know Minou Kids best for bringing us the latest, coolest threads for our Babiekins. As Minou Kids celebrate their Birthday today!!

We took some time to get to know the stylish Mumma’s that work so hard to make shopping for our little ones as easy and enjoyable as possible. Mumma’s … Meet Marie-Michelle and Julie.

Babiekins Magazine |Minou Kids Marie-Michelle - Julie

Photography // Kimberly M. Wang / eardog

Being such close friends must make for a great business partnership, What inspired you to start Minou Kids together?

Marie-Michelle : We quit our career’s after having kids to focus on our families. After a couple of years we were ready to get back to work and take on professional challenges. We wanted to start a business together (because we know we compliment each other very well) and we were not completely satisfied with the children’s clothing webshops already available so we thought ”Let’s do it!” Let’s create a one-stop shop that extraordinary women know they can trust for the best emerging brands in kid’s clothing.

The extraordinary woman is what we call our customer. It’s you guys, working Mom’s who never have enough hours in a day but still manage to get it done… (or most of it!) We built the site thinking of you and we hope you love it!

Through Minou Kids you’re both such an inspiration to other Mumma’s out there. I love to read ‘The Minouverse’, It must be a great way to connect and share your Minou favourites with your customers.

Marie – Michelle : I handle all the marketing and creative content. The Minouverse is my baby and this year’s project. Now that the site is up and in a good place, we can start focusing on other elements and creating relevant content. Connecting with our customers through the Minouverse will definitely be a priority this year. Stay Tuned!

We’ve just seeing this trade show season come to an end, you must have been crazy busy! … Is it the buying that you love the most? What is it that you’re looking for, when shopping for Minou Kids?

Julie : I’m the one who handles all the buying and I truly enjoy it. It’s always exciting and inspiring to see the designers latest creations. There is so much talent in this industry and buying for kids is so much fun.

When shopping for Minou Kids; I look for brands that are a good fit for us. We are all about what kids LOVE to wear so the clothes have to be easy, playful, inspiring….and I do love a splash of colour and a good print!

When I buy, I have three things in mind. Staying true to our own brand. Giving our customers what they are looking for. Introducing new artists and designers to our customer base.

You’ve just returned from some travelling, do you find your trips a great source of inspiration?

Julie : Absolutely, Marie-Michelle and I both travel with our families a few times a year and It’s a great source of inspiration. We are consumers of experiences and travelling is a great family experience.

We can’t wait for Spring over here, What will you girls be dressing your little Babiekins in, this season?

Julie : Rompers of course! We are also loving the bomber jacket inspired mini versions, sweatpants, crew neck sweaters and all the fun tees we have in the shop.

You have some adorable gift’s, I loved the Electrik Kids Mermaid Gown you posted on your Instagram… Want to let us in on your favourite gifts for under $40?

Babiekins Magazine | Minou Kids - Gift Roundup

Julie : These Kina Booties and Slippers. Every baby deserves a pair. They keep the feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Babiekins Magazine | Minou Kids Gifts Top Picks 5-701.  Kina Booties   Kina Ballet Slippers  | 02. Catalina Mouse | 03. Glow In The Dark Comfort Banket | 04. Hat Bandana | 05. Romper | 06. Mermaid Gown | 07. Dress

You’re both stylish Mumma’s, Where are your favourite shopping haunts…and your go to outfit for the school run?

Marie – Michelle : I’m active so it has to be comfortable. I can often be seen in sweatpants with sneakers or espadrilles… Or Jeans, A good t-shirt or a shirt with rolled up sleeves and booties. During Fall/Winter I love leather jackets and coats. A good coat can really make an outfit.

Julie : Jeans, t-shirt and cute booties… with a big cardigan in the Fall/Winter

As for shopping haunts, we are always exchanging places and good styles. We are big online shoppers. We both like to shop at Shopbop and Intermix. For affordable finds and fun accessories we like Artiza, Zara, and & Other Stories. When looking for swimwear and beachwear we head over to Bikini Bird for inspiration and the latest swimwear styles…. And then there is our New York shopping haunts… and this would take a whole interview just for that!

Minou Kids must keep you girls busy, What do you enjoy doing to get some downtime?

When we are not travelling, boating or skiing snowboarding with our families, we love films, trying restaurants with our girlfriends. Reading Blogs, Magazines, Cooking. We love to shop for antiques and décor items for our homes. We are also runners and tennis players.

Babiekins Magazine | Minou Kids Marie_Michelle Julie 1

Marie-Michelle and Julie, Thank you so much. Happy Birthday from Babiekins!! Congratulations! It’s been fantastic to learn more about you both and Minou Kids. We look forward to seeing what the next year brings!

Head over and check out their New Arrivals for this Spring Summer. Amazing!


Featurekins // Bubble London

This weekend I attended Bubble London; A large trade show that gives children’s wear brands a platform to unveil their new collections. Bubble proved to be a diverse show, from very well established brands to new brands who were exhibiting their lines for the very first time.

Bubble awards a brand  debuting at the show an award for innovation and commercial appeal. Previous winners of this ‘Rising Star’ award include Raspberry Plum, Plumeti Rain and Wolf and Rita. This year ”Oh…My! London” were crowned the winners for their line specialising in occasion dresses.


Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London Show

Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London Rising Stars

Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London | Roundup


Credits // 01. Maripuri Tijeritas | 02. Sticky-Fudge | 03. Funky Kids. Ro. | 04. Mini Melissa Pug Shoes | 05. Mummymoon | 06. Raspberry Plum | 07. Sticky-Fudge


Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London | Mummymoon


Mummymoon is a brand Babiekins first featured in 2012. This season will see them pushing the boundaries in shapes in childrenswear. The construction of their line of denim and soft fluid basics is something to really appreciate.


Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London | Elks


Elks is a new brand bringing beautifully whimsical knitwear and tweed. Handmade in Ireland using Alpaca wool, the finest merino and Irish linen. Inspired by Ireland’s cultural history. With a stunning use of colour and herringbone detail. Think cute bonnets, satchels and scarves.


Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London | Raspberry Plum


AW15 has Raspberry Plum extending their innovative tailoring into baby rompers, borg lined jackets and knitwear. Jumpsuits that would make a sharp alternative to a party dress. Each piece maintaining the pops of colour, great use of fabric and pattern that make up Raspberry Plum’s signature style to create a strong cohesive line to really get excited about.


Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London | Sticky Fudge


Sticky-Fudge. These boots are such a simple concept but so beautifully done. The padded jackets, use of print and subtle metallic touches bring together a range of versatile ready to wear basics.


Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London | Poppy England


Poppy England. Beautfully illustrated dresses, where the attention to detail is second to none. Each dress comes with a short story, the story is brought to life through the characters on the dress. Such a beautiful concept to ignite your little Babiekin’s imagination.


Babiekins Magazine | Bubble London | Mini Melissa


Mini Melissa bring a new take on their love of feline inspired shoes. These super cute pumps would suit boy or girl. And as you would expect from Mini Melissa smell great!

MOLO; promises some big things for 2015. Look out for big moves… Their bold use of animal prints and strong lines continue throughout a range of street wear with real attitude.

Papu; a new Finnish brand with a range of rich ocre, strong monochromatic prints in great basics that we’ve known to love in Scandinavian design.

Braveling; taking tights and leggings to the next step. What can ordinarily be used as a staple, Braveling uses to inject real personality into your little ones wardrobe. Knees will soon be the star of the show!

With so many new brands emerging 2015 will be an exciting year for kids style.




Featurekins // Dot to Dot

I headed down to a new bi-annual kids trade show in London. Dot to Dot. Exhibiting some fantastic new brands launching their first ranges this year, as well as some familiar faces. It would seem AW15 will be full of colour, imagination, beautiful shapes…. and Pom Poms look here to stay.

Some exciting new brands to look out for 2015.

Urban Merino. A fellow denim obsessive, striving to bring a capsule collection of basics. The raglan sleeve colour ways of grey with pops of purple, orange really stood out to me. The quality and finish of the premium fabric used is something else.

A Mini Penny. An expansion of A Weathered Penny; jewellery for us Mumma’s you can now treat your Babiekin’s to some super cute pom pom rings, Unicorns and Ballerina pendants.

Milk Inc. The fluidity and purity of these sophisticated Tee’s is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Using an innovative process with milk fabrics, the brainchild’s behind this new brand of children’s wear really know what they’re doing. One to definitely get excited about.

Holly Hastie. A finalist for the Rising Star Award at Bubble London next week. This is a brand tipped for big things. Inspired by her daughters love of classic children’s films, and whimsical imagination. Think long flowing cloaks, beautiful quirky dresses with classic silhouettes and luxurious textures.

Young Double. A brand new child’s clothing range of quirky screen printed handmade dolls of Naked Lunge fame. Mixing up textures, shapes and movement to create fun sweaters and tee’s.


Babiekins Magazine | Dot to Dot |New Brand Roundup


Credits // 01. Holly Hastie | 02. Young Double | 03. re-be | 04.  A Mini Penny | 05. Petite Albion | 06. Milk Inc. | 07. Urban Merino

Corby Tindersticks will be adding some new animal friends to their quirky range of instantly recognisable lifestyle products.

Babiekins Magazine | Corby Tindersticks | Dot to Dot


Dandy Star are taking their inspiration from Space with striking star prints and Sci-Fi references across bold metallic’s, sleepwear and accessories.  I totally have my eye on Loud Apparel’s Jeremy Scott inspired snap back. Continuing their trademark use of edgy textures and bold lines. Tootsa MacGinty have some done amazing things with plaid, cute dresses, detailed lining. As well as mixing up animal print with pops of colour. A range with huge personality.


Babiekins Magazine | DOt to Dot | Established Brands

Credits // 01. Dandy Star | 02. Loud Apparel | 03. Tootsa MacGinty | 04. Dandy Star | 05. Loud Apparel | 06. Tootsa MacGinty | 07. Dandy Star

Milk and Biscuits had me hook line and sinker with a particularly stunning line of beautiful dresses, knitwear and jackets; an incredibly cohesive colour pallet. Key pieces with great versatility.


Babiekins Magazine | Milk & Biscuits | Dot to Dot

Babiekins Magazine | Milk & Biscuits Dress | Dot to Dot

Babiekins Magazne | Young Double / Nakend Lunge | Dot to Dot

Babiekins Magazine | Dot to Dot | Avore

Babiekins Magazine | Dot to Dot | Lapin And Me

Lapin & Me will be introducing some exciting new colourways, and the much loved woodland doll; will soon also available as a night light. She looks amazing!

Not that I’m wishing the summer away… but AW15 excites me!