Momkins // Not Without My Mini: Mommy and Me Style

Babiekins Magazine|momkins//mommy and me GJWH 10

If you saw my last post, you might already know that twinning is a big hit in our family. This time, I decided to take it to the next level and match outfits with my mini! I think it’s super cute and she feels extra special whenever she gets to dress like mommy. [...]

Lil'Stylekins // Twinning in Lightning Bolts and Wild Zebras

Babiekins Magazine | G&G by GJWH 02

My mom used to dress my older sister and I in matching outfits. To tell you the truth, we were not big fans of it but now, being a mom, it’s my turn to make some twinning magic happen and I will take full advantage of it while I can, because twinning is winning!


Featurekins // Minou Kids

Babiekins Magazine |Minou Kids Marie-Michelle - Julie

We know Minou Kids best for bringing us the latest, coolest threads for our Babiekins. As Minou Kids celebrate their Birthday today!!

We took some time to get to know the stylish Mumma’s that work so hard to make shopping for our little ones as easy and enjoyable as possible. Mumma’s … Meet Marie-Michelle and [...]