Lil' Stylekins // Building the Kid's Wardrobe


Building your kid’s wardrobe is as important as our own when one asks a mother. Just like adults, there will always be the must have lines. I wanted to hit on those items for our children and how I like to play them down. When I splurge for Wang, I down it [...]

Lil' Stylekins // Mason & the Tambourine Cactus Shorts


The kid brand that’s not mentioned nearly enough, Mason & the Tambourine provides quality and consistency in every piece. I specifically adore this season’s cactus print. I’m rarely sentimental, so I appreciate that the least cuddly plant of all brings those emotions to surface. A cactus is me to a t, hence my [...]

Lil' Stylekins // Back to School Series

I can’t believe how fast these summer holidays have flown by… but don’t they always? My girl is getting quite excited for school now and she cannot wait to meet her friends!  For these first days, she likes to stand out and wear bright colours and prints. The leggings and beanies from Tiger Nook are [...]