Featurekins // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

It was literally love at first sight when we were first introduced to Dress Rags. The playful lines and whimsical colors of the clothing in this line play off each other beautifully to form perfect summertime outfits.

Dress Rags believes domestic production, and is dedicated to continue working directly with local factories. Each batch of garments is produced in a small run, ensuring the handcrafted pieces are all unique and made with love. Dress Rags also personally sources all the fabrics, selectively choosing only the highest quality cottons for your littles.

We love how they’re pursuing authentic and imaginative styles, we love their dedication to local production — and we especially love how they stand for COLOR! We are so impressed with this brand, and can’t wait to see more from them in the future.

Dress Rags ::  Website  |   Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Pinterest

Photography/Direction :: Megan Dendinger 
Model :: Ava, Trinity (Paloma Model + Talent), Anya, Lily 

Schoolkins // Typical Day With Ruby Bratcher

Schoolkins // A Typical Homeschooling Day With Ruby Bratcher

Schoolkins // A Typical Homeschooling Day With Ruby Bratcher

Schoolkins // A Typical Homeschooling Day With Ruby Bratcher

Schoolkins // A Typical Homeschooling Day With Ruby Bratcher  copy

Schoolkins // A Typical Homeschooling Day With Ruby Bratcher

Schoolkins // A Typical Homeschooling Day With Ruby Bratcher My children go to school one day a week with other homeschoolers. On this day, they take Spanish, Theatre, American Girl (yes, they have a class for that!), and Geography. It’s a great way to still give them opportunities to socialize with other children, and also learn about other subjects. The other days of the week, we stick to a pretty routine schedule at home. This is what our typical homeschool day looks like…

8:15-9:00am Piano practice and their Spanish homework

9:00-9:30am Spelling and Latin (Latin takes about 10 minutes)

9:30-10:30am Math

10:30-12:00pm Writing, grammar, and reading

12:00-2:00pm Lunch/play

2:00-3:00pm History/science (we alternate the days)

3:00-4:30pm Spanish

While it may seem intense, there’s so much flexibility in homeschooling that we really get the opportunity to be creative with subjects and take learning outside of the book. Many times, the girls stay on task, so they finish early. Sometimes, lessons plans get completed earlier in the week, and Friday ends up being a light day and we go on outings or just play (they play, I catch up on housework).

The older two children have much more intense work to do than my preschooler. During lessons for the older girls, my preschooler is usually working on some simple alphabet or counting activities, and the baby is napping during our school time. My baby, Glow, is 3 years old and still naps twice a day! It’s the strangest thing to us, but we’ll gladly take it. She naps between 9-12pm and 2-4pm. She’s been the best at napping, and if she doesn’t get her nap, she’ll start complaining that she’s tired. We are pretty amazed at her napping abilities. When I go to get her from nap, most times, she’s still sleeping! If not, she’s quietly playing by herself. I’ll gladly take it for as long as possible because it allows us to get our schooling done during this time.

I’m very organized with my day, so that helps the flow of things. Things do get out of sorts from time to time, but we usually can make up for it the next day. Every month, I set up monthly learning plans and goals, and that really helps keep me focused.

We mostly follow Classical Education, and while it really emphasizes facts, memorization, and language-based learning, especially in the early grades, I tweak and change it to what fits my kids best, and I give them plenty of opportunities for creativity. The structure of Classical Education is something we do well with, and I believe the learning of facts as a base is very important, but we always extend beyond the lessons to include creative projects. My children are visual learners, so I accommodate for that in our lessons.


Travelkins // Exploring Oahu

Living in such a small area as the island of Oahu in Hawaii (it’s just under 600 square miles!) you would think one would eventually run out of things to do. No matter how many times we circle around the island, though, there is just always something new to discover. Living here I’ve truly seen that the potential for exploring is tremendous, whether its a discovering new waterfalls, a hidden beach or a wandering trail — or even something more commercial, like hanging out at Disney’s Aulani. I find that there is always some sort of family-friendly activity happening, or a fun place to discover. And did I mention how fun it is to dress for the endless summer? I couldn’t help including some of my island getaway faves for littles in this post. With warm weather all year round, the sun and salty air of Oahu make it a great place to escape — it truly is the endless summer!

Travelkins // Exploring Oahu

Travelkins // Exploring OahuTravelkins // Exploring OahuTravelkins // Exploring OahuTravelkins // Exploring OahuTravelkins // Exploring Oahu

Credits // 01. Top | 02. Pants | 03. Swimsuit | 04. Head Wrap | 05. Hair Bows | 06. Brown Sandals | 07. Black Sandals

Featurekins // Keetan

With Summer gaining pace here, I’m having great fun shopping online for fun new pieces for my Babiekins’. Keetan has some great lines of new brands; from beautifully delicate vintage inspired pieces, to contemporary staples with injections of playful colour.

I met with Sarena to learn more about Keetan’s story.  A carefully curated space of true celebration of childhood and parenthood.

The story of how Keetan came to be is inspired! Sarena, tell us how this family affair was born in October?

My Mom opened her first children’s clothing shop in California in the 90’s, when my sister and I were in elementary school. She would take us on local buying trips, and we would spend a lot of time in the shop after school. I started doing the buying with her – properly when I was around twelve years old. Since then the shop changed locations and expanded, we began to travel further to buy. In October I returned to Los Angeles after finishing my Master’s, and we decided to start Keetan. Our online shop named after the littlest in our family, my five year old brother.

I love your family style, you’re so in tune with each other and clearly a close unit, with your mothers passion for the industry, did Keetan feel like the natural step for you?

Keetan was absolutely the obvious way for us to move forward. When we buy, we do not really have a strategy, we often just choose what we like; and I don’t think bricks and mortar can always handle the inventory. We have a lot of experience between us, and we all wanted a role in our growing family business. We agreed that a shift online was the natural way for us to expand. With Keetan, we have a great deal more flexibility with how much inventory we can carry, which we are all really excited about. My younger sister previously worked in womenswear and has now also come on board. It really has become a family affair!

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Summer Dress


Tell us more about your style, what is your go to outfit?

Right now, my go-to outfit is a plaid skirt, casual tee and sweater, and either boots and espadrilles! I should mention though that some of my best finds come from the shop. We have these amazing Stella McCartney kids embroidered denim shorts and I snagged the biggest pair for myself, I was so pleased they fit! One of my favourite designers that we carry is Morley. I can fit into their size 14 or 16, so whenever we write Morley, I always add a few pieces for myself!

…And what outfit do you love to see Keetan rock the most?

We have these Munster heather grey loose fit pants with paint splatters that he looks great in – those with a Little Eleven Paris tee. We sold the paint splatter pants so quickly – definitely a favourite this season! Keetan is super active and likes to roll around in drop crotch pants (either Munster or Nununu) a cotton tee and hoodie, with is Doc Martens.

You’ve referred to the fall as being your favourite time of year; What is it about the fall that you love so much?

October is our favourite month of the year because we love Halloween. We are all summer kids though, my sister and I grew up in Los Angeles and we cannot live without the sunshine and beach. We live very close to the coast and I think Keetan has a year-round summery aesthetic because it is what we are inspired by each day.

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Jump Shot

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Stella McCartney Dress

You visited Playtime Paris this year, How did you enjoy Europe? Do you find travelling a source of inspiration?

Playtime Paris is our favourite show, we came across some of our favourite designers there. We also attended Pitti Bimbo in Florence for the first time in January, which was quite a fun experience! Our entire family loves to travel and move around. My parents grew up in England, my Dad was born in India. My sister Simran and I have travelled all over the world together, we once spent an entire summer a few years back travelling through Columbia. Traveling is undoubtedly a huge inspiration for us. Many of the designers we carry are based outside of the United States. I also think that it is important to be conscious of where our products are produced. Brands like Mini Rodini are fantastic, because they place a lot of emphasis on ethical and sustainable production.

You have some stunning pieces, the addition of your illustrations you add to share them on your Instagram is such a fun idea!… You’ve introduced me to a few labels I need to learn more about. What it is that you look for when buying for Keetan?

When we buy, we buy what we like, and that pretty much encompasses our strategy! My Mom and I always buy together, we are useless without the other. When we do buy for our brick-and-mortar store, we carry a lot of casual, beach inspired clothing and cannot buy too much wool or warm weather clothing. California is experiencing a major drought and it has been so warm here all year round. We are really excited though to start diversifying our buying now that we have our online shop and can reach customers all over the world.

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan NuNuNu Star Romper

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Handstand Shot

I’m sure you guy’s are in for such a great year… What does the future hold for Keetan?

We are so excited for this upcoming year! We are going to continue spending a great deal of time working on Keetan and spreading the word. We will be in Europe in July for Playtime and it will be Simran’s first time on an overseas buying trip!

Thank you so much Sarena. We can’t wait to see what this year brings for Keetan.

Keetan // Website | Facebook | Instagram

Photography : Elizabeth Pettey | Styling : Elizabeth Pettey / Donna Tweedale | Models : Olivia | Haileigh | Paulina | Maddie

Featurekins // Amour Bows

Featurekins // Amour Bows

Featurekins // Amour BowsPhotography Leah Mermelstein

We are huge fans of Amour Bows’ sophisticated collection that continues to wow us with each collection. How fun is this Pop Up Bow Face headband? Just perfect for those summer outings or even for the first day of school! You can also top off the perfect outfit with an Amour Bows necklace!

Website: Amour Bows  | Instagram

Check out our giveaway on instagram to learn how you could win your own headband from Amour bows!

Fashionkins // Runs in the Family

Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family Babiekins Magazine | Lil'Stylekins // Runs in the Family

Like my little guys, I’m one of two kids in my family. Between my younger sister and I, there are six years that separate us. While that’s quite a big age difference, it never stopped my parents from dressing us exactly alike. There are countless coordinated outfits in our family photo album and somewhere through the years, that definitely imprinted on me. Parents always say, “you’ll understand when you have kids” and in this case, I certainly do! When I can get my little man and littler man in the same outfit, my heart just explodes.

Credits// Mini tee by Mini Willa from Minimodel Gallery | Pounce leggings by Sweet Luka Mo | Sandals in “Surfer” by Salt Water Sandals from Minimoche | Kawaii Ice Pop Tee and Je T’aime hat by Whistle & Flute Native shoes from Minimioche

Featurekins // MINIMODE

Featurekins // MiniMode

A few days ago, Chalk NYC designer Colleen Crivello and InStyle Magazine’s Marketing Director Maria Benetos launched MINIMODE, a brand-new collaborative project for stylish moms. We asked these two incredibly inspirational women to share more about the new site, share their top-five style must-haves, and more.

Maria and Colleen, can you tell our readers a little more about the editorial­-based shopping experience you’ve created?
MINIMODE is a style site for women whose love of fashion did not change once they became moms. All of our content goes back to product and shopping — for kids, babies and new and expectant moms. Or you can skip the content altogether and just shop.

MINIMODE has been a project long in the making. What has been the main inspiration — more than anything else ­­–  prompting you to launch?
The main inspiration was a personal need for it. As moms who both have full-time careers we do most of our shopping for our kids and ourselves online, but felt it was overwhelming sifting through everything that is out there in the children’s market. We wanted something very curated but that would also be fun to visit, so we came up with mini-mode.com. The goal is to inspire women with our trend stories and profiles on stylish and successful moms while giving them a joyful shopping experience.

Maria, what are some ways your background as the Marketing Director for InStyle Magazine has prepared you for this foray into the children’s fashion world?
I’ve always in worked in fashion – apart from InStyle I’ve also been at Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Allure and Interview among other fashion media brands. And I’ve always been in marketing, so launching MINIMODE combined the two things I love: being within the world of style but still being about to utilize my business and marketing skills.

Featurekins // MiniMode

Colleen, you design children’s clothing for Chalk NYC. How did you and Maria meet? Can you tell us how the decision to collaborate came about?
Maria and I met through a mutual friend who has girls the same age as ours. We were all new moms so we’d plan these fun nights out and on one of those nights while having a group dinner at SohoHouse, Maria mentioned that she always wanted to start a kid’s shopping site. She asked for my advice since I had recently launched Chalk NYC and before we knew it, the idea evolved into mini-mode and we became business partners. It was really organic.

It now feels like we’ve known each other forever because we spend more time with each other than we do with our husbands! We complement each other perfectly from a business point of view and as friends.

You both clearly are chic mamas. How did each of your style perspectives evolve ­­– if at all –­­ once you became mothers?
The thing is, it didn’t! And I think that was part of the impetus of MINIMODE. We still dressed the same and felt the same, and we saw that all our other chic mommy friends were the in the same boat. But there was not a kid’s shopping site that spoke to us as women who also happen to have kids.

Featurekins // MiniMode
What are your top five summer style and/or beauty essentials for moms?

  1. A BIKINI //Eres is definitely a go-to and Solid & Striped is another brand we love.
  2. A cool pair of SUNNIES // Mirrored is super-chic for this summer). I just bought the gold-mirrored Linda Farrow glassesand Victoria Beckham also makes great ones in different colors — her blue ones are my list. Plus, you’ll be able to match your MINI with our new Sons + Daughters kids’ sunglasses collaboration featuring gold and silver mirrored lenses!
  3. Don’t scrimp on SUNSCREEN // It’s SO important!  La Roche Posay’s Anthelios is a life-saver during summer.
  4. A CAFTAN//  Twois a smaller brand based in New York that makes the most beautiful tunics and caftans using handwoven textiles and saris from India.
  5. A killer pair of SANDALS // We love sandal styles which look hot yet are still comfy. Isabel Marant’s Justy studded sandals are on our Want List.

In your prediction, what’s one of the next big style trends for littles?
Clothes that take inspiration from grown-up trends. We do a regular feature on MINIMODE called “From the Runway” where we highlight a runway trend and curate current kids’ product around it. Right now we have one highlighting the “Prima Ballerina” trend that was huge during Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week, featuring beautiful and adorable dancer-off-duty looks for kids. You’ll see more brands like Boy+Girl and Chalk NYC which design kid’s clothes that are cool and not so precious.

Featurekins // MiniModeWhat can our readers expect from MINIMODE throughout this upcoming summer season?
More interviews with inspiring and chic moms along with their curated picks, more fab summer products and a very exciting collaboration we are launching toward the end of the summer for back to school! We update our content daily so there is always something fresh to experience and buy.