Featurekins // La De Dah Kids

01. Ava Unicorn | 02. Camera Bag | 03. Knitted Bean Bag | 04. Blue Triangle Blanket | 05. Bunny Mask | 06. Crochet Floor Rug

La De Dah kids products are  tailored towards both children and the child at heart, lovers of the quirky and unusual, and anyone who reaches [...]

Sleepykins // A Teepee for Lucas

We have finally moved to a bigger space! Hurrah! With the move came lots of planning for Lucas’s new room. I had been dreaming of a special nook just for him. A space where he could read, hide out, and do little boy things (play with Ninja Turtles [...]

Sleepykins // A Shared Space

I was one of those kids that grew up sharing a room with my sibling. My sister and I would often fight over who slept on the top , stay up late giggling as she told me silly stories from the bottom bunk and then we would spend hours [...]