Sleepykins // Leonardo's Berlin Space

We recently decided to renew our entire apartment. When it came to Leo’s room, we knew we had to maximize the space in an entertaining, organized and fancy manner. Since we have warm brown wood floors, we decided to go for a strong black and white contrast to give the room an everlasting fresh touch [...]

Luvkins // Wall Art


Credits: // 01. Blue Swan Wallpaper | 02. Pear Gold Stickers¬†| 03. Ashley Goldberg Girl’s Wallpaper | 04. Ice Cream Wall Stickers | 05. San Fruit Salad Wallpaper | 06. Pink Cloud Stickers




Sleepykins// A Space for Livia in Holland

My name is Kirsten. I’m from Holland and I am the happily married mum of Livia (16 months old). I’m honored to be featured on this amazing magazine’s site. I just love to look for inspiration about interior design, especially kids’ interiors. I’m always busy in our house, rearranging and creating new corners. When I [...]