SLEEPYKINS :: A Black and White and Neon Pink Room

Ginny of Chasing Sunshine sent over these great photos of her 4-year-old daughter’s room. We’re really digging the color scheme and overall vibe! It’s a room that will really grow with her, don’t you think?

Ginny writes, “Addison is the ultimate girly girl with a love for art, imaginative play and superheroes. I knew [...]

LUVKINS :: 9 Rabbit Picks for a Kids' Room

1. Rabbit Profile Framed Art via Anthropologie | 2. Maximilien & Ludo Cushion Cover via Famille Summerbelle | 3. Bernard’s Ears Print via Catherine Rayner | 4. Through the Woods Rabbit Knob via Anthropologie | 5. Apolline Rabbits via Makie | 6. William Morris Brer Rabbit Wallpaper via Fabrics and Papers | 7. Standing [...]