Sleepykins // Wild Heart Photo Shoot

Sleepykins // Wild Heart Photo-Shoot

In the world of kid’s interiors, I am always hunting for the most perfect pieces to make a room come to life.  Near or far, I stumble across the most amazing and unique small business’s and retailers, who pour their heart and soul into their passion of creative unique and original pieces.  I was lucky [...]

Sleepykins//Mini Bohème: Lily and Jules' Bedroom

Babiekins Magazine|Sleepykins//Mini Boheme:Lily and Jules's Bedroom

Guest post by Véronique Saint Germain of Mini Bohème. Lily and Jules’ bedroom has slowly evolved into what it is now, a little girly, yes, as this is mainly Lily’s space until Jules will move in as well. Their room is filled with mostly vintage items I found and fell in love with. The room [...]

Sleepykins//Piper's Dreamy Room

Babiekins Magazine|Sleepykins//Piper's Dreamy Room

Guest post by Ashley Williamson.

Piper’s room has a mix of vintage and new toys and furniture with loads of girly touches and nostalgia for childhood. My girls love playing in this room. Endless tea parties, setting up Sylvanian families, quiet reading and playing dress-up. Piper is a real bowerbird and is constantly bringing [...]