Craftykins // No-Sew DIY Winter Fairy Wands

NO SEW DIY WINTER FAIRY WANDS / An Icing Designs Tutorial featured on the Babiekins Magazine blog

Melissa and Kellie of Icing Designs have a magical little DIY to share with you all today — winter fairy wands!!

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own:

  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • glittered felt pieces {available at your local craft store}
  • batting
  • eyelash-style yarn in glittery silver and white
  • long lollipop stick
  • blue ribbon
  • thin white satin ribbon
  • star template

1. Print and cut out the star template, then cut out two felt stars for each wand you are making.
2. Hot glue the top and one side of the star. Through the opening, stuff the star with your batting. Once it is stuffed, hot glue the rest of the star together.
3. Take your glittery eyelash-style yarn, and hot glue it around the entire star.
4. Take your lollipop stick and add a small dab of hot glue on the bottom, then attach the end of your white eyelash-style yarn and start to
wrap around your wand. {You may need to add a few dabs of hot glue as you go.} Once you reach the top, add another dab of hot glue to the top and attach the rest of your yarn. You may need to trim some of the “eye lashes” if they are too long.
5. Take your covered stick and tie 4-6 pieces of various length white ribbon to the top, and tie your blue bow around around it {remember to leave about an inch and a half above the blue ribbon, so that you can hot glue the stick onto the back of the star}
6. Hot glue your stick onto the back of the star, and add a fairy tag if you wish.

These would make adorable take-home gifts for any fairy party — thanks Melissa and Kellie!