SLEEPYKINS :: Mia Bella’s Bedroom

Good Monday morning, everyone! Remember Mia’s colorful playroom we featured a little while ago? There’s more — little 3-year-old Mia has a wonderful play-oriented bedroom, too! I asked her mama, Abbie, to tell us more about it.

Mia Bella's bedroom tour on the Babiekins Magazine blog's SLEEPYKINS series

Mia Bella's bedroom tour on the Babiekins Magazine blog's SLEEPYKINS series

Mia Bella's bedroom tour on the Babiekins Magazine blog's SLEEPYKINS series

Mia Bella's bedroom tour on the Babiekins Magazine blog's SLEEPYKINS series

SLEEPYKINS :: Mia Bella's Bedroom on the Babiekins Magazine blog

SLEEPYKINS :: Mia Bella's Bedroom on the Babiekins Magazine blog

What does Mia love most about her room? What about you?
Her favorite thing about her room seems to be the wooden dollhouse. She spends the most time playing with it. It’s either that or all the books in her room. She is forever climbing on the chair and pulling several off the bookshelves.

My favorite part of her room is the “Fur Neil” poster by Martin Krusche. Mia has always loved the moon and I wanted to get the poster for her for a LONG time. She likes it too and refers to it as “Mr. Moon.”

Before she was born, what was the one decor item you just HAD to have?
Before Mia was born, we lived in a different home. We were renting, so I couldn’t do a lot for her room. Truthfully, I was still sort of in shock of becoming a parent for most of my pregnancy and didn’t really think about things like perfect items for her nursery. It sort of makes me sad that I didn’t think like that! I’ll definitely think more along those lines when planning a nursery for a second baby! What we did for her room before she was born was order removable (and reusable) vinyl wall decals from Wall Candy Arts. We have a tree and also an owl and glow-in-the-dark stars-and-moon set. They were in her room in our first home and they are still in her room now. I don’t know if I will keep them up forever…I’m starting to think I’m over them. Mia seems quite fond of them, though.

What do you have your eye on to add to her space?
I’m constantly wanting new items for her bedroom. I’d like shorter bookcases so that Mia can reach everything by herself. The ones she has now were mine as a child. I’d also like some String Pocket shelves. And a Norsu elephant bank. :)

There’s a definite transition which takes place once a child outgrows the crib and the space is no longer a nursery. How has Mia’s bedroom changed now that she’s in a “big girl” bed?
Actually, her “big girl” bed is sort of a farce. She sleeps with me, in my bedroom, every single night. We only removed her babyhood crib a couple of months ago and I decided to leave to crib mattress in the room as a reminder of her crib (in case she freaked out over the crib’s removal-it was more a fun spot for her to play than anything else!) I’m hoping it might become a real bed one day. The next plan is to move a bigger bed into her room and I’ll start sleeping with her in her own room before I try teaching her to sleep away from me. Cosleeping works for our family. Mia wakes up a few times every night, so it’s easier for me to have her in bed with me. Not ideal…but I know it won’t last forever. She’ll be a teenager who sleeps fourteen hours a night before I know it!

Thanks for sharing with us, Abbie!

How about you — what do you love most about Mia’s room? I’d have to agree with Abbie, I’m crazy for that Martin Krusche poster.
-Gina xo


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Does that sound like a little one YOU know? : )

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