SLEEPYKINS :: Mia Bella's Bedroom

Mia Bella's bedroom tour on the Babiekins Magazine blog's SLEEPYKINS series

Good Monday morning, everyone! Remember Mia’s colorful playroom we featured a little while ago? There’s more — little 3-year-old Mia has a wonderful play-oriented bedroom, too! I asked her mama, Abbie, to tell us more about it.

What does Mia love most about her room? What about you? Her favorite thing about [...]

SLEEPYKINS :: Isabella and Emilia's Energetic Room

Sisters Isabelle and Emilia's Room as seen on the Babiekins Magazine blog

Sisters Isabella and Emilia, who live in Oslo, Norway, love books, necklaces, and animals. This energetic room is the perfect place to showcase all three!

Of course we just had to know what the writing above the bunk beds meant (aren’t you curious, too?) The girls’ Aunt Camilla translated the Pippi Longstocking quote [...]

SLEEPYKINS :: Elle's Soft and Feminine Room

Elle's bedroom from Gingerlilytea as seen on the Babiekins Magazine blog

Keri-Anne of Gingerlillytea sent us this tour of her four-year-old daughter’s sweet and sophisticated room. We love the vintage touch the wallpaper gives this very girly room!

Do you have a special place — your child’s bedroom, playroom, or favorite corner — you want to share with us? We want to see! Please email [...]