Craftykins // DIY Pom Pom Pushpins

There are all sorts of uses for pushpins, especially when it’s time to head back to school. But we can’t let our children (or ourselves!) use just plain old pushpins. They need some sprucing up. And that’s where the pom poms come in!

It’s as easy as attaching fabric pom poms to [...]

Craftykins // DIY Animal Party Straws

I really am on a straw kick. My mind was completely blown when I happened upon these DIY Animal Party Straws. The wheels are turning with endless inspiration now! The tricky part? I think these straws might be too pretty to actually drink out of!

These dainty straws are perfectly perfect for [...]

Craftykins // DIY Gilded Party Hats

If there is one staple at every children’s party, it’s a hat. There are so many ways to customize them that the possibilities seem endless! These party hats take less than five minutes to make and look way too classy on the kids. Perhaps the adults should wear some, too!?


black and [...]