Craftykins// Homemade Plant Labels

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins//Homemade Plant Labels

Guest post by Natalie Walton.

After interviewing ceramicist Anna Eaves of Arrow + Sage recently for Daily Imprint, I spied some cute plant labels on her blog. I asked her if she didn’t mind me creating some with my son as a craft project. She was happy that I’d found inspiration in her work.


Partykins // Carter's 3rd Birthday

Babiekins Magazine | Partykins // Carter's 3rd Birthday


They say the third time’s a charm and after a successful party for my little-big man’s 3rd birthday, I must say I agree! I’ve gone quite over the top in the past, but with a new tot to tote around I tried to keep things—somewhat—minimal this time. So, to make things simple without [...]

Craftykins // Homemade Grapefruit Mint Soap

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // Homemade Grapefruit Mint Soap

Soap making always seemed like a big and scary craft, until I actually tried it.  It’s really not that hard! If you’re like me and still need a few Mother’s Day or teacher appreciation gifts, you can whip up several bars in just a few hours! You’ll need: Goat’s milk soap base {found online or in [...]