Craftykins // Brown Paper Bag Bucket

Oh the fun things you can do with a simple brown paper bag. Here is one of my favourite brown paper bag crafts that you can easily do in under five minutes.


Brown paper bags + Markers

Draw out your design. Go crazy with it if you like. I however did not.


Craftykins // DIY Cat Kit

DIY Cat Costume Kit: what you need: black craft foam scissors black thread & needle 2 hair clips (black is better) black craft felt 1 black pipe cleaner optional: black mask

For the cat ears Draw (vaguely) 2 ears form into the craft foam and cut. Fold the ear at the end, then [...]

CRAFTYKINS // Baby Shower Basket DIY

I am so excited for my oldest friend’s baby shower this weekend and to share some of my favorite baby products with her. As much as I love fashion and decor, what we are all concerned about as mothers, is our babe’s health. My most important moment as a mom was breastfeeding. Having those [...]