Craftykins // DIY Decorations

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With less than two weeks until Christmas, if you haven’t started putting up your decorations, it’s not too late.  Here are some simple DIY holiday decorations you can do today to give your home that festive feel.


Craftykins // Creative Kraft

Do you enjoy wrapping your gifts as you go or waiting until the night before and wrapping them all up at once? Either way, here are some cute and creative ideas for wrapping gifts with brown kraft paper. This wrapping trend of recent years will likely to be a staple as the possibilities for prettying [...]

Craftykins // Brown Paper Bag Bucket

Oh the fun things you can do with a simple brown paper bag. Here is one of my favourite brown paper bag crafts that you can easily do in under five minutes.


Brown paper bags + Markers

Draw out your design. Go crazy with it if you like. I however did not.