Craftykins // No-Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother’s Day

Tote bags are one of my favorite sewing projects. They require very few materials, take less than thirty minutes to make, and have so many great uses. And, if you don’t know how to sew, they are actually even easier! I made these totes as a gift to myself and my daughter to “tote” around on Mother’s Day and I think I’ll just go make ten more…

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins// No Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother's Day


Materials needed:

  • One yard of any type of fabric (cotton, canvas, jersey etc.)
  • Strips of vinyl or leather for the handles
  • Fusible bonding web (stitch witchery)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Iron

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins// No Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother's Day

  1. First, cut out your pieces. I cut the large tote 12in. wide x 28in. long and the small tote 9 in. wide by 20 in. long, but you can really make them any size or shape you want. Cut two vinyl straps for the larger handles 24″ long by 1/2″ wide and two straps for the small tote 14″ long by 1/2″ wide.
  2. Fold the fabric in half width-wise so that the right sides are facing each other. Open it and place a strip of bonding along both edges. Fold the fabric right sides together again and iron on top of the fabric so that the bonding seals the fabric pieces together.
  3. Fold the top edge of the tote bag down about 1 inch and place more bonding underneath the fold all around. Iron again on top of the fabric.
  4. Turn the tote bag right side out and hot glue your straps down. I placed mine on the outside because I liked the look of it but you can also glue them to the inside of the bag.

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins// No Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother's Day
Let the straps dry for a few minutes and your bag is done! Repeat the same steps for each bag.Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins// No Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother's Day

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins// No Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother's Day

Fill them with flowers, snacks, or even a picnic blanket and your enjoy your Mother’s Day with your little ones!

Craftykins // Valentine’s Day Fridge Magnets

Whenever another holiday comes around, I  like to think of creative ways to display the cards that I get in the mail from friends and family. I found these birch tags at my local craft store and thought they would make cute magnets for displaying Valentine cards on the fridge.

Babiekins Magazine |Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge Magnets

There are so many things that you could make with these little birch tags but I just picked up a few things that I saw in the craft store. You could also use markers or paint that you already have around your house and decorate them with your kids.

Babiekins Magazine |Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge Magnets

I found these tiny paper roses and itty bitty pom poms at the same craft store and then I also picked up the sticky magnet roll. The gold paint was leftover from a previous project so I used that as well.

Babiekins Magazine |Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge Magnets

Babiekins Magazine |Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge MagnetsBabiekins Magazine |Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge Magnets

I cut the magnet to fit each piece and then stuck it on the back. I used a glue gun to stick on the paper flowers and the pom poms letters, and then some painter’s tape to make a geometric heart which I painted with the gold spray paint. And that’s it! These would be really fun to use for displaying your kid’s Valentine cards from school.


Babiekins Magazine |Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge Magnets


Craftykins // Mini Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover

I have always been a fan of Ikea’s kid’s toys. When I was searching for a play kitchen for my daughter, I came across Ikea’s Duktig play kitchen. It was modern enough for my taste and easy on the budget. Since I have always wanted to remodel a kitchen of my own some day, I thought that this might be good practice, ha!

Here is what the play kitchen from Ikea looks like:

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins // Mini Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover

Here is my version:

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins // Mini Ikea Kitchen Makeover

I had so much fun painting it, and was surprised at how simple it was to put together.

Here was my to-do list for the mini kitchen:

1. Add “butcher block” contact paper to the counter top
2. Change the handles on the cabinets
3. Paint the wood parts white
4. Paint the sink, faucet, stove, rail/hooks, and legs metallic gold
5. Add a faux subway tile back splash
6. Add mood lighting underneath the microwave area
Materials used:

The first thing that I did was assemble the bottom part without the cabinet fronts, shelves, or countertop. I spray painted the whole thing with primer as well as the sink, faucet, stove, rail/hooks, legs, and cabinet handles. I also primed the blonde wood pieces for the top parts of the kitchen.

After everything was primed, I spray painted the fixtures with two coats of the gold metallic spray. Then, I spray painted all of the white parts with a white gloss spray paint. It took only a couple of hours to dry but I would recommend letting everything dry at least a day or two before you start to put anything together.

The next thing I did was cover the counter top with the faux butcher block contact paper. This was a little tricky but it easily peeled right off if I made a mistake so that I could fix it. I used a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles as I went. Once it was covered, I cut out the spaces for the sink and stove.

After everything was painted and covered with contact paper, I assembled everything together. The last step was to create the faux subway tile back splash which I made using foam poster board and a black sharpie! Easy peasy! I made the “tiles” 2in. x 4in. and then just nailed the poster board into the back of the kitchen.

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins // Mini Ikea Kitchen Makeover Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins // Mini Ikea Kitchen Makeover Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins // Mini Ikea Kitchen Makeover Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins // Mini Ikea Kitchen Makeover

Lastly, I stuck on the LED lighting and adding in her play accessories. I just love how it turned out and it has held up perfectly so far to my destructive two-year-old!

Craftykins // DIY Decorations

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY Decorations

Credits // 01. | 02. | 03. | o4. | 05. | 06. 

With less than two weeks until Christmas, if you haven’t started putting up your decorations, it’s not too late.  Here are some simple DIY holiday decorations you can do today to give your home that festive feel.

Craftykins // Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

I can remember making these simple Christmas ornaments as a little girl.   They’re easy, kid-friendly, and will make your kitchen smell divine!

To make about two dozen ornaments {depending on the size of your cookie cutters}, you’ll need:

1 cup applesauce

1 cup cinnamon {plus a bit extra for rolling out dough}

2 tablespoons ground cloves

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until everything is well incorporated and a dough forms.  This is easiest using your hands.

Note: even though only food ingredients are used, don’t eat these!

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Roll out dough, sprinkling extra cinnamon as you would flour to prevent sticking to the rolling pin and counter.

When dough is about 1/2 inch thick, use cookie cutters to cut out ornaments.

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Use a wooden skewer to poke a hole through each ornament.

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Place ornaments on a cookie sheet and bake in a 225 degree oven for about an hour.  Ornaments should be rock hard and completely dried out when they’re done.

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

After the ornaments have cooled, thread a piece of twine through each hole and hang!

Craftykins // DIY No Sew Flannel Poncho

Colder weather is here and we are taking full advantage of it.  Since I live in Miami, cold weather is actually not so cold at all, but I take advantage by layering with lighter pieces of clothing. Ponchos are perfect to wear when the weather is starting to get a little cooler, but when it isn’t cold enough for heavy jackets and sweaters. When it comes to making clothing for my daughter, I like to keep it super simple. I’ll be making it even easier by showing you how I made this adorable poncho without a sewing machine!

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY No Sew Poncho

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 yard fabric (I used flannel)
1 package of fusible bonding web (stitch witchery)
Fabric Scissors
Measuring Tape

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY No Sew Poncho

First, cut your fabric. I cut a rectangle measuring 28″ x 26″ which would fit about a size 3 toddler. In order to figure out the size you would need to fit:

1. Measure your child’s arm span from wrist to wrist. This will be the width of your rectangle.
2. Measure the length from shoulder to hips. Double this number and add 2 inches. This will be the length of your rectangle.

Then, fold your fabric in half width-wise and cut your neck hole. Make sure that you cut it a little smaller than you want it to be because it will get bigger once you are finished.

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY No Sew Poncho

Next, fold over each edge of the fabric to cover your bonding and iron for 10 seconds to “glue” your fabric down. You can fold over the fabric twice so that it doesn’t fray, but I kept it simple. When you get to the corners, cut the fabric and bonding at an angle and iron flat.

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY No Sew Poncho

For the neck hole, cut your bonding in half length wise (so that your strips are thinner) and then cut out small pieces to curve around the hole. Iron the neck line flat. This part looks a little tricky but it’s simple once you get the hang of it.

Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY No Sew Poncho


Babiekins Magazine | Craftykins // DIY No Sew Poncho

Aaaand you’re done! This project took me less than thirty minutes to make and the draping is so lovely.

Craftykins // Painted Leaves

Babiekins Magazine // Craftykins // Painted Leaves

Two of my littles’ favorite things are crafts and being out in nature.

Babiekins Magazine // Craftykins // Painted Leaves

Fall is the perfect time to combine the two.

This craft is as simple as it seems…go on a walk, collect some fallen leaves, and paint!

Babiekins Magazine // Craftykins // Painted Leaves

Babiekins Magazine // Craftykins // Painted Leaves


Then think of creative ways to display them…garlands, collages, table decor…so many possibilities!

Babiekins Magazine // Craftykins // Painted Leaves

Craftykins // Advent Calendar DIY

As a kid growing up, I always thought that advent calendars were a genius idea. Okay I’ll be honest, I just liked the candy!

Now that I’m a mother, it is definitely a tradition that I want to create with my daughter.  Advent calendars come in so many different forms and can be made out of almost anything.  Here are some simple instructions on how you can make a quirky, fun advent calendar of your own.

Babiekins Magazine | Advent Calendar

Here’s what you’ll need:
1 yard of felt
1/4 yard of  contrasting felt for pockets
1 yard of thick interfacing
pom poms
gold scrap leather
numbered stickers (make sure they are very sticky!)
hot glue gun
sewing machine (optional)

Babiekins Magazine | Advent Calendar

First, cut out all of the pieces. I cut two of the large triangle pieces and the interfacing 38″ x 38″ x 34″ and the smaller 25 pockets 4″x 4″ x 3″. Cut out a star from the gold leather.

After everything is cut, sew each small triangle pocket onto the large triangle. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can hot glue each pocket on. Once it’s sewn, place the interfacing on top of the second large triangle and then place the finished triangle (with pockets) on top of that. Stitch or glue the three pieces together.
Babiekins Magazine | Advent Calendar
The interfacing ensures that the advent calendar hangs flat but if you are using a thicker material for your calendar then it isn’t necessary.
After it’s all together, use a hot glue gun to stick on the pom poms and the star. Finally, stick the numbers on each pocket and hang!

Babiekins Magazine | Advent Calendar

Make sure that you fill each pocket with fun treats that your kids can open on each day of December. Since I’m not a huge fan of giving my daughter candy every day (hello sugar rush!), I like to add small knick-knack items such as stickers, key chains, and small figurines of her favorite characters.

Craftykins // DIY Jumbo Geometric Confetti

Confetti 3a

I’m always on the lookout for quick, fun and easy crafts to do with Carter. I came across this super easy DIY for geometric confetti and thought, “Hmm, this would make a big mess (yet easy enough to clean up). Carter’s going to love it!”

Here are the simple steps:

Gather up some tissue paper (colour of your choice) and stack them on top of each other. Line them up so that the edges are square (I had to trim the tissue a bit to achieve this).

Geo confetti 4

Cut them into about 2″ wide strips. They don’t have to be perfect, I just eyeballed it.

geo confetti 2

Geo confetti 5

Once you have your strips, start cutting them into triangles.  Again, they don’t have to be perfect.

geo confetti

See, I told you it was super easy!

You can store them in a mason jar if you choose.

Geo confetti 3

Or not.

Confetti 12

Now for the fun part! Toss them up in the air and go “Weeeeeeeeeee!”

Confetti 10a

|Justin T. by Moon Fries | Black leggings by H&M |

Confetti 11

Have fun and please excuse the mess!

Happy Friday!

xx Jenny

Craftykins // DIY Balloon Wreath







After seeing a Balloon Wreath a while back I figured I would venture into the world of Crafts. I was on a mission & a bit worried, because honestly I’m not that crafty mom that a lot are. As I looked at other DIY’s on the Balloon Wreath I decided this was full proof. I could do this and so can you!

Supplies : Here is what you will need.

balloonw9 balloonw8 balloonw3


1. A floral wreath. I chose the 12 & 16 inch, if you get this kind keep the wrap on it helps keep the mess at bay.

2.Floral pins, I picked up 5pks just to make sure I had enough.

3.Balloons, I used a gazillion as my child would say. How many balloons just depends on how full you want the wreath. & make it your own by using the colors you want.

Task at Hand : Making your Balloon Wreath.

balloonw2 balloonw4


1. Grab a floral pin and a balloon. Stick the balloon in the middle of  the pin and stick it on your wreath.

2.I stuck my balloons super close together so it would be extra full. You can also space them out to use less balloons and make the wreath less full.


Finished Work :: A Craftykin creation.



We are loving our balloon wreath and plan on using it for a lot of different celebrations. Hope you love your balloon wreath as much as we do!


Britt Ritchie

PARTYKINS :: A First Birthday Soiree

Hi! It’s Christina, the modern half of neutral hue! I am posting without Ashley today, since i’m featuring my little Mila’s first birthday party. I am tearfully adjusting to the fact that my little lady is now one, but that aside, I had a great time putting together her party fit for a little lady.
I wanted this little soiree to signify soft vintage femininity with a modern touch. I was so excited to create this party for Mila that I made the invitations by hand, months in advance. I had bouquets of Baby’s Breath strung down a feature wall, made a Baby’s Breath crown for Mila and hung a branch from the ceiling with monthly pictures backed with blush card stock I found at Paper Source. I purchased transparent balloons and stuffed them with peach metallic tissue paper.  I found a slew of white vintage handkerchiefs from a local vintage store and layered them across the table as a table runner. Honestly, I originally bought them thinking they would make an interesting swag attaching them by the ends, but designs always change while you’re actually styling.

The gift bags were filled with Wildflower Seed Paper I found on Etsy. The paper was shaped like daisies. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the find and it fit in perfectly — and as you can see here , I just adore flowers.

I made a 3-layer carrot cake from scratch with cream cheese icing (just like my mother made me for my first birthday). Speaking of which, Mila wore the actual dress I wore on my first birthday. It was a perfect fit, and an amazing heirloom and feeling to know I wore the very same dress. Life is just about that, making memories to share from generation to generation. And this party one amazing memory with friends celebrating Mila’s first year.

Images by Amber Fouts

Craftykins // No-Sew DIY Winter Fairy Wands

NO SEW DIY WINTER FAIRY WANDS / An Icing Designs Tutorial featured on the Babiekins Magazine blog

Melissa and Kellie of Icing Designs have a magical little DIY to share with you all today — winter fairy wands!!

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own:

  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • glittered felt pieces {available at your local craft store}
  • batting
  • eyelash-style yarn in glittery silver and white
  • long lollipop stick
  • blue ribbon
  • thin white satin ribbon
  • star template

1. Print and cut out the star template, then cut out two felt stars for each wand you are making.
2. Hot glue the top and one side of the star. Through the opening, stuff the star with your batting. Once it is stuffed, hot glue the rest of the star together.
3. Take your glittery eyelash-style yarn, and hot glue it around the entire star.
4. Take your lollipop stick and add a small dab of hot glue on the bottom, then attach the end of your white eyelash-style yarn and start to
wrap around your wand. {You may need to add a few dabs of hot glue as you go.} Once you reach the top, add another dab of hot glue to the top and attach the rest of your yarn. You may need to trim some of the “eye lashes” if they are too long.
5. Take your covered stick and tie 4-6 pieces of various length white ribbon to the top, and tie your blue bow around around it {remember to leave about an inch and a half above the blue ribbon, so that you can hot glue the stick onto the back of the star}
6. Hot glue your stick onto the back of the star, and add a fairy tag if you wish.

These would make adorable take-home gifts for any fairy party — thanks Melissa and Kellie!