Craftykins // No-Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother's Day

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins// No Sew Mommy and Me Tote Bags for Mother's Day

Tote bags are one of my favorite sewing projects. They require very few materials, take less than thirty minutes to make, and have so many great uses. And, if you don’t know how to sew, they are actually even easier! I made these totes as a gift to myself and my daughter to “tote” around [...]

Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge Magnets

Babiekins Magazine |Craftykins // Valentine's Day Fridge Magnets

Whenever another holiday comes around, I  like to think of creative ways to display the cards that I get in the mail from friends and family. I found these birch tags at my local craft store and thought they would make cute magnets for displaying Valentine cards on the fridge.

There are so many [...]

Craftykins // Mini Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover

Babiekins Magazine|Craftykins // Mini Ikea Play Kitchen Makeover

I have always been a fan of Ikea’s kid’s toys. When I was searching for a play kitchen for my daughter, I came across Ikea’s Duktig play kitchen. It was modern enough for my taste and easy on the budget. Since I have always wanted to remodel a kitchen of my own some day, I [...]