Fashionkins // A 'Magical Forest' Overlooking the Sea; Sunset in Toto Knits

In recent weeks, this new spot has become something of a second home. Just miles from my house, office, the kids’ schools, the ins and outs of our daily routine lies a field, where golden grasses ascend to a fairytale thicket just inches from the edge of craggy ocean bluffs. I hadn’t known it too well before this, but thanks [...]

Craftykins // DIY- No Sew Flannel Poncho

Colder weather is here and we are taking full advantage of it.  Since I live in Miami, cold weather is actually not so cold at all, but I take advantage by layering with lighter pieces of clothing. Ponchos are perfect to wear when the weather is starting to get a little cooler, but when it isn’t cold enough for heavy jackets and sweaters. When it comes to making clothing [...]

Fashionkins//Kaleidoscope Chic

Photography: Meg Stacker Wardrobe: Jeannette Kae Hair & Makeup: Meghan Oliberos Set Design: Elizabeth Gahan Editor: Kaitlin Kelly Models: Sydney McCann (TCM), Amaya Priester (TCM), Mikayla Sanchez Wardrobe from Zara Kids, Nordstrom, Gap Kids and Peek