Halloween Fun

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s one of our favorite holidays. Tons of yummy goodies, fun costumes and basically the kickoff to the end of the year celebrations! We came up with a few Halloween costumes using Leotard Boutiques cute leotards as a base and then dressed them up with goodies from Meri Meri!

Photography: Eliana Galbraith    and Sorella Photography

Wardobe + Prop Styling, Creative Direction: Priscila Barros

Leotards: Leotard Boutiques 

Costumes: Meri Meri

Party Blowers, Pinata, Party Poppers, Garland, Utencils, Bats, Paper Platess, Napkins + Cups: Meri Meri

Cake + Goodies: Wickedly Whisked 

Glitter: Galexie Glister

Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

“When Witches go riding and black cats are seen, The moon laughs and whispers, Tis near Halloween.”

Clothing// Tutu Du Monde – Halloween Collection

Hair Accessories// Knot Hairbands

Shoes// Zara Kids, Chapter2

Glitter/Makeup// Galexie Glister

Photographer:  Amy Carson

Model: Molly Carson

Ohlsson Model & Talent



I’m My Own Masterpiece

I’ve always been an avid art consumer. Currently living in Washington DC and working in New York City there are countless opportunities to see amazing works by incredibly talented people. Artwork from all corners of the world and periods of time right outside the door. Sculptures, paintings, architecture, photography – it’s truly a gift. But if I had to pick a favorite artwork genre, it would have to be people. What acrylics or clay can compete with the intricately designed human mind and soul? So while I love staring at a painting, I love it so much more when I get to add a person to it. Thank you Micah (my little model.), for tromping through a museum and stepping into the artwork for me. You, darling, are a masterpiece.

I hope this weekend you enjoy the beauty around you. But even more so, I hope you appreciate the people who make living life beautiful.

~ Melanee Kate

Photographer and Creative Director: Melanee Kate| melaneekate.com | @melaneekate
Model: Micah
Location: Smithsonian American Art Museum 

Clothing// Dr Martin, Primark, Lieto Rana

Wild Kids


Statement from photographer “My work usually explores the connections of people to their environment, themselves and to one another. After years of being a school teacher, I realized how much I wanted to connect the things I love, kids and photography. Madeleine and I decided to showcase kids in a raw and natural environment being adventurous, strong and free! We chose to shoot in Topanga California USA as it is a rugged and gorgeous setting.”

Photographer-Todd Westphal

Wardrobe Stylist and Creative Director Madeleine Zoeller 

HAMU Artist – Edward Mayeda 

Models Anna, Talon Agency –Bensimon Models & Talent

Models – Ana-Mari, Harloe, Kaysen Agency: Brand Model & Talent

Clothing Credits:

OMAMImini,  Be Mi Los Angeles, Zara, Molo