Funkins // Paula Searing: As Seen In Print Issue 4

When I was a little girl, my mother and I would sit on her bed and read books nearly every night. Almost every other week, she would take my sister and I to the library to choose our very own books. Our favorite books included Where is Waldo and I Spy, not only because [...]

Giveaway // Jonas Paul Eyewear

Since the beginning Babiekins has always wanted to give you more then the latest fashion. We believe that each child is precious and special and valuable beyond measure. We are never happier than when we come across companies who embrace the importance of giving others a boost! Recently we were introduced to Jonas Paul- [...]

Featurekins // Baby Pibu Skincare Kit

After having my third son I thought I had the whole ‘newborn’ thing down. In reality, Cruz was siz years younger than from our middle child. So many new gadgets have been created, and there are now that many more options for keeping baby healthy. One new product I loved [...]