STORYKINS :: Winter Bear

Artwork and story inspired by Girl + Parrot

In my dreams there is a winter bear who walks across dark skies. He strides with pride and confidence while the day sleeps under a blanket of warmth and silence. He roams the open earth, searching high and low for fallen stars. Stars that have lost their sparkle, that have lost their shine. They are the stars that gently fall down over time and cascade to the earth with a luminous trail of light. They are the stars that we wish upon and they are the stars that the winter bear searches to collect.

His soft refection can be seen in the mountains, looming over the summit making him appear like a giant roaming the snowy plains. His reflection can be seen glistening on open waters while ocean waves roll over rocks and carry fallen stars out to sea. He searches high and he searches low. In empty caves frozen with ice, in bare forests where animals hide, in the vast tundra of the great northern hemisphere.

In my dreams I never know what the winter bear does with his stars. I never know if he finds what he is looking for on earth. I never know if he truly walks this land or if his reflection lives on in the sky. Perhaps it lives in our dreams.

Every time I see a falling star I think of winter bear, tucked away in the deep coldness of the night, silently walking the land searching for his dreams.

Now it’s your turn!
I used a few word prompts to get this story started. Winter, bear, star. Use the words below to create a story or short poem. Submit your writing to for a chance to be featured here on Storykins!

Word Prompts: JANUARY :: SNOW :: PLAY

Liz // Yellow Finch

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