Storykins :: Valentine’s Day

Artwork by Susana Parada

On Valentine ’s Day
let me take you for a ride
let me show you the world.
Come with me, sweet friend
we have nothing to hide.

When I was a child I eagerly awaited for Valentine’s Day to arrive. Growing up in Ohio usually meant a chilly wintery holiday that was instantly warmed with x’s and o’s that were passed around. The excitement in the air hung above our heads and, at times, I felt I could pluck it with my fingers and tuck it away in my pocket. There was something about handcrafting each valentine, writing each card with such precision and choosing the colors and stickers to pass out to classmates and friends.

After school, I would rush in the door, toss my shoes in the air and throw my body on the carpet. My cards and treats became a mountain of endless words and messages that I always dove into head first. I cherished those moments. Those notes.

If I look hard enough I may be able to even find one today. But if I can’t, I know that a feeling of excitement still lingers around Valentine’s Day. I always know that I can reach up and grab something to hold onto.


Liz // Yellow Finch


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