STORYKINS :: Elephant Dance

Artwork by Pandraa

Elephant Dance

Elephant clouds
stomp and tromp
across blue skies.

Dirt paths shake
grounds quake
under giant gray toes.

In a line they walk
drumming, humming
soft talk.

Music makers

As they sail away.
Now that spring is finally in the air we can feel a bit more inspired to write! Today my children and I walked to the park, with our notebooks and pencils in hand. We drew the scenery around us and talked about how to describe what we saw. I would love to share what we came up with next week, but I would really love to hear from you!

Grab your little one, take a hike, find a park, sit in a field. What do you see. Can you write a poem and draw a picture to go with your writing? Be as creative as you want!

Submissions can be sent to for a chance to be featured here on Babiekins Magazine Blog.

Happy Writing!
Liz // Yellow Finch

2 comments to STORYKINS :: Elephant Dance

  • Fabi

    Hi Gina, I was reading your article about the brazilian market “Silva”. I’m from Brazil, I have 3 children and I loved to see your daughter holding the “erva mate” green package. Here in south of Brazil we use the “erva mate” to drink “chimarrĂ£o”. Following is the link that shows the type of cup that we use to drink such tea
    I’m also the author of a blog called Rosa & Blue. It was a pleasure talking to you!

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