Same Outfits, Different Seasons


 Photography:  Wendy VanSosen; Concept: Isobel Benesch; Styling: Stacie Lucas

Being fashionable, doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money.  As real moms ourselves, we love mixing and matching high and low fashions to create a look that is both affordable and stylish for our children, and with little ones constantly (and quickly) growing, we try to get as much use as possible out of every piece that we buy.  Here are three simple styling tips for making your babiekin’s wardrobe last:

  1. Splurge on unique and bold accessories that grow with your child like the Bambinos & Bunny bow ties and headbands shown above.
  2. Make clothes work in any season, like pairing tights with shorts and short sleeves with sweaters in the winter and then removing those items when warmer weather hits.  Below you can see how to wear the same outfits in spring.
  3. Buy neutral colored shoes that can coordinate with anything and everything so that you’re not limited in coordinating your clothing choices.

How do you make your own little one’s wardrobe last?



  1. Carrie Jo Ashmore says

    Thank you for spreading the good news of multi-seasonal fashion. I was raised to never allow our lack of financial means be exemplified in our attire; this meant assembling out of season outfits with in-season wear to satisfy the mark. The trend remains strong with my own fashion-forward four-year-old, who instinctively began pairing leggings with shorts, tanks, dresses, hand-me-down name brand jackets, and boots to help save on clothing costs during winter, knowing that if the shoe fits, you better find a way to make it work!

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