Momkins :: Introducing The Newest Babiekins

Introducing the newest Babiekins Magazine member. Little Cruz Stanton Barros!

Introducing the newest member of Babiekins Magazine! Cruz Stanton Barros!

I finally had enough strength to go upstairs and show Cruz his nursery. It’s a fun mix of colors, vintage and modern things I love and of coarse gifts from people that love Cruz as much as we do! We will have more pictures in Print 3 coming out soon!

Introducing the newest member of Babiekins Magazine! Cruz Stanton Barros!

When Cruz isn’t chilling with mama he is usually hanging out in his big brother’s room! Details of this room will be in print 3 also!

As you can imagine it has been pretty busy around my house with the new addition. I am enjoying the little things with this one. Looking at every crease on his skin as he’s feeding, enjoying the smell of his skin and listening to every little

sound he makes. Babies are magical!

Cruz was born September 12 and was a little thing! 6 pounds 4 ounces of love! Check out our instagram for more images

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2 comments to Momkins :: Introducing The Newest Babiekins

  • cheryl

    Baby Cruz is stunning, beautiful boy! I love your tiger print wallpaper. Who is the desiger and who stock’s it?.

    • Priscila

      Hi There,
      Thank you so much! We think he is pretty cute too! The designer of the wallpaper is Aimee Wilder and she has a website with a huge collection of the best wallpaper you could imagine. We just love her

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