LUVKINS :: 7 Bursts of Lemon Yellow (YOU Decide the Next Color!)

1. Gingham Bow Tie via Lolly Lu Designs | 2. Geometric Blanket via Little Hip Squeaks | 3. Vintage Painted Egg via Planet Alissa | 4. WILD Cat Dress via Kixx | 5. Doodles At Breakfast Placemats via Anthropologie | 6. Vintage Toy Car via Dairy Farm Antiques | 7. Aviator Sunglasses via Zoobug

Is it pouring rain where you are, too? The skies outside my window match the grey in these images. All day, there’s been no sign of that big round yellow thing behind all the thick flannel clouds. But, the calendar says spring, and there are few colors cheerier and more reminiscent of spring than lemon yellow!

Remember, YOU get to choose which spring color I post about next. Leave your vote in the comments.



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