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AW 2012 Collection from Stella McCartney Kids as seen on the Babiekins Magazine Blog
Most grade-school kids go through a horse phase, obsessed with all things equine. Did you, too? These fun images showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection from Stella McCartney Kids — which haven’t been seen anywhere until today! — instantly transport us back to those carefree days.  Our editor-in-chief, Priscila, remembers a long-sleeve pullover she wore to her Grandma’s house in Colorado during her first Christmas in the States. We’re curious — what childhood memories does this collection evoke for you?

Remember back when you were a little explorer? Did you have a place to go where you could run and play with your friends, not thinking about chores or homework until you heard the call to come in for dinner? Maybe your favorite place to explore was between long rows of almond trees, maybe you kicked up dust beyond the barns at Grandpa’s farm, or maybe you organized games of kickball that made the narrow alley ring with laughter.

This new Stella McCartney Kids collection had us all thinking about our childhood exploration adventures, the favorite clothes we had when we were kids — and yes, maybe even wishing we were kids again! Here at Babiekins Magazine, we’re especially in love with the horse-print Cosmo Hoodie. It sparked a great conversation last night amongst the editorial staff, as we browsed through all the great Stella McCartney Kids pieces and talked about how we’d style the Cosmo. What would you pair it with?

More images from the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection will be released tomorrow and throughout the following week, so be sure to like Stella McCartney Kids on Facebook so you can follow along with the little explorers and see more exclusive images!

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