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Excited to bring to you this awesome Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway made possible by our wonderful sponsors….see details below! You will have the chance to WIN 1 of these awesome prizes…a total of 18 WINNERS!

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11.  Zuzii polka dot shoes  Le Petit Organic   1 Winner pick size 4, 5, or 6
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15.  2 $100 gift cards from Ruum kidswear  2 Winners



1. please enter using the raffle copter below, including leaving a comment below sharing with us a favorite holiday tradition that you do or wish to do with your own kids! :) Each item is NOT mandatory…but doing so will increase your points and possible chances for winning!

2. must be 18 years of age or older…open to all international contestants as well.

3. You will have the chance to WIN 1 of these awesome prizes…a total of 18 WINNERS!

4. Contest end at 11:59 pm MST Tuesday December 17th. Winners announced by thursday the 19th.

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  1. Kate says

    My fav is opening a special gift on Christmas Eve of pajamas or sheets all washed and ready to use and a special book or movie!

  2. Ashe-Monique Yap-Chung says

    I love Christmas Day because of the spirit of giving and dinner with ALL the family and friends. We PRAY, EAT and LOVE! It’s always a magical day and so happy to have our son to share in the joys and traditions!

  3. Mandi C says

    My parents would always take us the day after thanksgiving to cut down a tree! Now that I am married to a man allergic to pine, we put up our wonderfully easy and fake trees and listen to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas album. :)

  4. Autum says

    My favorite holiday tradition is making ornaments with my boys every year. Last year we made popsicle stick snowflakes and reindeer and this year we made star wars corn starch/baking soda dough ornaments. It gives us something fun to do as a family and the boys get to see their handiwork every holiday when they decorate our tree. :)

  5. mikey lemieux says

    the enter to win part is very confusing for me. i hope to still be entered. my favorite memory that my parents did and I will continue to do with my new son is read the night before christmas around the tree.

  6. Ashlee Traynor says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is hunting for Christmas trees! My whole family, grandparents, cousins, etc all drive up to the forest, bundle up, and hike in the most beautiful Christmasy atmosphere. We find and cut our own trees then we have lunch and hot cocoa by a bonfire in the snow. It’s awesome!

  7. joanna garcia says

    we love to help my mom make her nativity scene which anyone would envy its like a whole two tables full of stuff! The kids enjoy it too!

  8. Teresa Honores says

    we go to church close to midnight and then my parents leave the presents in the house for us so when the kids come home they think santa came and ate the cookies and milk and left presents! the kids love this and we love to see their faces of shock and joy!

  9. Rachel says

    A tradition that my parents did with us was that on Christmas Eve my brothers and I were allowed to open one present (usually a stuffed lovie). I’d like to continue that tradition with my own little ones.

  10. Genelle says

    This is my daughter’s first Christmas & I look forward to celebrating with my family on Christmas Eve like I did when I was growing up.

  11. Cassandra Eastman says

    One of my favorite traditions is opening Christmas pj’s on Christmas eve, drinking hot cocoa and watching a Christmas movie together. We love watching the Grinch who stole Christmas!

  12. Rochelle says

    We are expecting our first. I hope to have a creative home and would love to start a tradition of creating a homemade ornament for the tree each year with my kids. This then can be given to them when they start their own families and have something to decorate their own trees when grown/

  13. Piper Leigh says

    My favorite tradtions (we just started this year with our 2 year old) is baking cookies and she’ll have new pjs to open on Christmas eve!

  14. Sarah Mark says

    We LOVE traditions in my family and have so many! My favorite has to be going to the Nutcracker Ballet with my mom and grandma every year. We have been going since I was a little girl and now I have my first baby girl on the way and this year was extra special knowing that soon, there will be 4 generations celebrating this special tradition together!

  15. Nicole Bohnsack says

    one of our favorite things to do is read one Christmas book every night before bed, and to tell cheesy Christmas jokes! why do mummies like Christmas so much? because of all the wrapping! :)

  16. Starlyn says

    We like to celebrate all month long, this our first year with a baby so we have been reading a book every night by the tree! Our baby girl is amazed by the lights and she loves books already! We want to carry on this tradition every year!

  17. Megan Haynes says

    A tradition we have started this year is a christmas photo booth for our kids and their cousins. We have done it before for birthdays but want to continue it for any special occasion that all of the kids are together. (All of the cousins live in different states) the kids love it and I Iove that we can capture such fun loving moments!

  18. Diana Cote says

    We bake Christmas decorations every year, we also cook and bake lots of festive foods and craft a lot ass a family. Another thing we do is watch Mickey Christmas movies! :)

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