Funkins // Summer Staple: Ice Cream Trucks

Babiekins Magazine | kid favorite strawberry shortcake icecream from icecream truck melting words sweets man graphictumblr_m5rza2LKZS1qiis88o1_500Babiekins Magazine | Kids Melting Icecream in Summer Heat tumblr_m95toqor4n1rwf0z3o1_500Babiekins Magazine | Summer Icecream Activity

The songs of an ice-cream truck that you can hear miles away; you’re already picturing those bright packages. Revel screams, “What’s That?!” to basically every noise and especially this one. We ventured down the block to find our man with hidden sweets & find him we did! The brightest sweet was Revel’s pick, too. Strawberry shortcake pop, both sweet to taste & wear. I can still remember my first truck experience & hope he does, too. Documented and all… Here is one of our favorite summer staples & we’re even thinking of throwing together a cardboard truck. Perfect for a summer party theme.


Credits // Tumblr, Tiny Whales Hat, Quinn+Fox Shirt


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