FUNKINS :: Chinnikins- Rainy Day Fun

I know how draining it can be when you are stuck in the house all day with a Babiekin, HOWEVER, as long as you have tricks up your sleeve, it can be just as fun as being outdoors.  Please give a warm welcome to The Chinnikins starring Phoenix and Mama!








Ok, kinda creepy?  Yes.  Fun?  110%!  Did I possibly have more fun than my babiekin?  Maybe.  Your kids will LOVE you for this!  And all you need are 3 things.

1. Same colored sheets.

2. Washable markers.

3. Kids Tees.  (Get creative, make little hats for your chinnikins!)


How do you and your family keep each other entertained on a rainy day?

Dixie x x


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