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A rare half-day of sunshine brought us down to the park today where Her Majesty allowed me to take a few photos of her budget fashion: playground-style. In my 16 years of motherhood, I’ve seen toddler clothes swing from the lemon, mint, peach and light blue combos to the mini-adult uniform.  The last few years however, it seems like we might be reaching a happy medium with many designers making kid’s clothes for kids (in nice colours) and many parents buying vintage.

In Scotland, you can still guarantee receiving an abundant amount of knitting (sweaters, cardigans, booties, blankets, bonnets, gloves, etc…) when you have a baby.  Toddlers are often still seen in knitting and to be honest, Hugo (6) still has some fantastic hand-knit numbers.  The bonnet Olive is wearing came handed down from a friend.  Over the years, it’s stretched out a bit and is now the perfect size for a two year-old.  The vintage knit dress is probably 80s.  A friend of mine found it strangely enough in an Eastern European vintage knitwear shop in Glasgow.  Everything was £1 and the clothes were outrageously cute and kitsch.

Adding in a black top, mary janes, and thick green tights–she can retain her baby-ness and not lose any of her tough-girl edginess in the playground.

Entire outfit £5


navy knit dress  vintage £1,    black onesie  H&M £3 (she’s been wearing it for a year–originally long sleeved and now 3/4 length),
tights Zara £1,   black Mary Janes  Cherokee from Target 14 years ago: handed down from big sister
bonnet  free (hand-knitted by a Scottish gran and passed down to us from a friend)

(I may or may not be a hoarder considering I saved those shoes for 14 years…I’ll let you decide!)
Happy knitting to all you crafters out there,


flannery o’kafka 

see more photos from our morning HERE.

Mary Janes are still found at a great price at Target



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