FASHIONKINS :: The Band Jacket

As editors, we are obsessed with fashion and style, and as mothers, we know how important it is to find affordable clothing and to be able to create multiple looks with just a few items.  Over at Babiekins, we want you to know that it is possible to stylish without buying all designer clothing and that by mixing and matching a few articles of clothing, you can create multiple (and very different) looks for your little one.


 Photography by Stephanie Matthew

Styling by Priscila Barros and Heather Rome
Hair by Sue Ann Tiger
Outfit 1:
    Jacket- Vintage thrifted
    Shoes- Target
Outfit 2:
    Jacket- Forever 21 Kids
    Tutu and leg warmers- Thrifted
    T-shirt- boys’ section at Target
    Gloves- H&M
Outfit 3:
    Leggings- Zara
    Shirt- Thrifted


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