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Isn’t instagram amazing?  I love that we can support other moms that we have never even met halfway around the world and get inspired by their creativity one squared photo at a time.  I think all mom’s have this soft spot that resonates in us when we see something super awesome for kids whether it’s a playground, or a kiddie corner tucked away in a cafe or a bank, and worse if you’re on a romantic getaway that leaves you going ”Aww honey we should’ve brought the kids!”  It’s a sense that assures us we love being parents and that we would not give it up for the world.  So you can understand why I couldn’t resist following this woman, @bugbeansmomma, on instagram after a photo she put up of an edible wave and surfboard popped up on my feed.  Her blog is an embodiment of how creative and fun motherhood can be!  Here she is to share with Babiekins, some of her favorite work along with some tips!


photo 3_1

“Cowabunga” – Kitchen scissors will be your best friend, I find it easier to cut the bread first then add the inside ingredients, like this surf board.

photo 3

“Frankenwhich”- Holidays make for an easy way to use and introduce fun plates

photo 4

Banana Sushi - Remember a fun plate does not need to be a cool design, but making it fun and re imagining it. Banana, almond butter, raw honey and whole wheat.



“Angry Birds”- Try to use items that you normally wouldn’t put on your kids plates.  Almonds and edamame  might not usually appear  on them but makes for a  perfect healthy addition.


Mater – Try not to let “requests” stump you up. 

Kissie Fish – Buy exotic items for added fun, star fruit for instance make great star fish!
How did you get started? 
A fellow Momma blogger/IGer/IRL friend Lindsay Hopkins of Pen and Paint started a fun hashtag on IG called #weplaywithourfood. I was intrigued right away.  I love the idea of taking food and making it fun. I will be honest in that I have never had an issue with picky eaters, yes there are a few things each will not eat but overall, they eat a good variety of food.  So for me it was a creative outlet, a way to introduce new foods, and get my kids talking about food in a healthy way.
What inspires you to create?
9 time out of 10, I get inspiration from the food I have on hand.  I like pulling fruits and veggies out, which is usually my base and start from there.  Its fun to look at a apple and think what I can turn it into, like the top of an umbrella, rays of the sun, or teeth on Frankenstein. But there are times I am stumped and ask the kids for input and then go from there.  But mostly the ideas live in a crazy little corner in my head.
Any advice for other mommas?
ALWAYS REMEMBER ITS FUN!! If it’s starting to be stressful, stop and just throw together a ham and cheese, if they never knew you were making it fun it will not hurt them to not get it that day. Remember we are making memories. So even if its just a little banana palm tree, its a banana palm tree they will remember and look back on fondly. To make it that more memorable, sit down with them and make up a story with the plate.  Maybe that little banana palm tree sits on a little island, which a little monkey lives on…you get the idea.
Hope this inspires you to get in the kitchen and think beyond the plate!
Official Memory Maker for Buggie and Jellybean

3 comments on “Craftykins :: Food Art with Buggie and Jellybean

  1. Amy H. on said:

    Thank you for the feature and including on Babiekins blog. So much fun!

  2. Frank on said:

    I am the proud Dad of this beautiful woman Amy who is the best of Moms and her husband Jeff is the best of Dad’s. There’s a great deal more loving things they provide those children other than fun lunches. I’m so very proud to call them my daughter and son in law. I’m not sure where they learned their parenting skills from but I only wish I could have been as good a parent as they are to my grandchildren. I love you guys. Dad/Frank

    • Frank, I can imagine how proud you would be of them! What a phenomenal family. You should definitely give yourself a pat on the back for raising such a beautiful, creative, genuine and incredibly rare soul! I heard once that as a parent your job is to “provide a life better than the life you lived for your children,” and I think you might have done just that, and Amy and Jeff are doing that for their children now. Can you imagine the kind of parents your grandkids will grow up to be one day with all this love around them?!

      Thank you for writing and have a great weekend!

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