Craftykins // Tropical Easter

Create a tropical feeling for easter.  You will need just a few supplies, as follows:

 + white eggs
 + yellow color for coloring the eggs (take an intensive yellow)
 + green cardstock
 + glue
 + scissors
How to make:
Start with making a hole into the upper and lower end to the eggs and blow them. Wash them properly and go on with coloring the eggs in a bowl. Let them dry.
Meanwhile you can cut out the leaves from the green paper. It will take a a little while, because you have to wait until the fresh glued parts are dried.
For the finish: get a better effect by shaping the leaves by curling them slightly.

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Tropical Easter // Annelie Klein

Storykins // A Story To Twirl In

Every little girl loves a dress that passes the twirl test. It’s the first thing Edie will do the minute she’s in a skirt. Pull it out and twirl. Wrapped up in her own imagination.  Although, with this twirl there’s more to it. The story we have read together plays out all around her.

Babiekins Magazine | Poppy England Dress Twirling

Babiekins Magazine |Poppy England Book Cover

Babiekins Magazine | Poppy England Book

”Poppy is a natural explorer. From the time that she was born, there was not a moment when she was bored or didn’t know what to do. Poppy always had a plan. Poppy has a companion called Fred. After all, every good explorer needs a great companion don’t you think?”

Poppy and Fred’s adventures in London’s Kew Garden’s begins with them exploring where to get a great view of the city… to a Giraffe coming to their rescue. The characters and surrounding’s of the story live within the illustrated fabrics of the collection. Edie studies her dress and talks animatedly about Fred, The Giraffe, The Parrot’s, Polly… pointing them out on her dress to her friends and telling them all about what mischief Fred’s been up to.

Babiekins Magazine | Reading Poppy England Book On Box

Babiekins Magazine | Parrot Dress With DMs

Babiekins Magazine | Poppy England Illustration

Babiekins Magazine | Reading Poppy England Book


For her to have a dress that reminds her of that time we’ve shared together reading…What a lovely thing for a little girl to experience!

Each Poppy England dress comes with a copy of the book to enjoy with your little one. Poppy England have offered Babiekins readers 15% off using BABIEKINS15 .

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Holiday Gift Guide // The Wee Little One


This holiday gift guide is intended for the littlest set! I had so much fun pulling some of my favorite things together for you and am so excited to watch my own little one play, learn, and of course wear these darling little gifts for her first Christmas. Happy Holidays!

1. Gracie the Cat fro Hazel Village
2. Wooden xylophone from Land of Nod
3. Ikea toddle wagon
4. Wooden leaves puzzle
5. Wooden color stacking tower
6. Knit number set from Dwell Studio
7. Fawn gathered t-shirt
8. Pink stripe cotton legging
9.Baby duck boot

Lindsay | Little One Love