Storykins // Roll It Up And Go

Over the Easter break, we’ll be spending a lot of time in the car,  in restaurants, visiting friends, family and going on day trips. It’ so tough not to go straight to the iPad for help entertaining the kids….Unless I take the contents of the playroom in my bag!

Edie loves this super cute chalk book, she can scrawl in it, colour in the pictures. And as her imagination grows, draw people in the cars and buses, draw things round them. As she’ll grow she will learn to use her numeracy and learn her colours to fill in the spaces.

For now, she’s happy just to roll with it; And when she’s done, I run it through the wash ready for next time.

Babiekins Magazine |Little Mashers Cover

Babiekins Magazine | Little Mashers Edie Drawing Car

Babiekins Magazine |Little Mashers Cloe Up Of Edies Hand

Babiekins Magazine | Little Mashers Edie Drawing Bus

Babiekins Magazine |Little Mashers Book With Chalk Back Page

Babiekins Magazine | Little Mashers Book in Bag Close Up


Another chalk book by Little Mashers ”I Love” inspires your little one to talk and draw about the things they love.

Storykins // A Story To Twirl In

Every little girl loves a dress that passes the twirl test. It’s the first thing Edie will do the minute she’s in a skirt. Pull it out and twirl. Wrapped up in her own imagination.  Although, with this twirl there’s more to it. The story we have read together plays out all around her.

Babiekins Magazine | Poppy England Dress Twirling

Babiekins Magazine |Poppy England Book Cover

Babiekins Magazine | Poppy England Book

”Poppy is a natural explorer. From the time that she was born, there was not a moment when she was bored or didn’t know what to do. Poppy always had a plan. Poppy has a companion called Fred. After all, every good explorer needs a great companion don’t you think?”

Poppy and Fred’s adventures in London’s Kew Garden’s begins with them exploring where to get a great view of the city… to a Giraffe coming to their rescue. The characters and surrounding’s of the story live within the illustrated fabrics of the collection. Edie studies her dress and talks animatedly about Fred, The Giraffe, The Parrot’s, Polly… pointing them out on her dress to her friends and telling them all about what mischief Fred’s been up to.

Babiekins Magazine | Reading Poppy England Book On Box

Babiekins Magazine | Parrot Dress With DMs

Babiekins Magazine | Poppy England Illustration

Babiekins Magazine | Reading Poppy England Book


For her to have a dress that reminds her of that time we’ve shared together reading…What a lovely thing for a little girl to experience!

Each Poppy England dress comes with a copy of the book to enjoy with your little one. Poppy England have offered Babiekins readers 15% off using BABIEKINS15 .

Outfits | Dresses | Shoes | Fairy Door

Storykins // Lulu and Pip

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Lulu and Pip

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Lulu and Pip

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Lulu and Pip

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Lulu and Pip

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Lulu and Pip

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Lulu and Pip

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Lulu and Pip

My four-year-old has formed few attachments to toys. When Santa brought her a Jess Brown doll for Christmas this year, the connection was quick and magical. Her doll accompanies her on every adventure. She whispers secrets to her and they have tea parties. They climb sand dunes and collect shells, swing on tire swings and lie out under the stars together. Lulu and Pip, written by Nina Gruener and photographed by Stephanie Rausser, is the perfect book for every little girl with a constant companion and a thirst for adventure. Following a little girl, Lulu, on a camping trip with her doll Pip, Gruener captures the magic of childhood alongside breathtaking photographs by Rausser.

Lulu and Pip is charming and inspiring. We get to read it at least once and day and I know it inspires Piper to be even more carefree in her childhood. It is a big book (9.8 x 12.8 inches), which makes it even more inviting and shows the beautiful images in detail. Something about real photographs (instead of illustrations) draw little ones in, like they are watching a true story unfold.

Piper is a country kid and can relate to the adventure of camping and swimming and climbing trees. My hunch is that city kids would be doubly absorbed seeing the wonder of nature. Lulu also gets to wear some pretty splendid clothing with quirky and colourful outfits throughout the story. In Piper’s words, this book “is the best in the whole big world” which I am pretty sure translates to 10/10!

Credits // Doll by Jess Brown from Stars in a Jar | Doll’s Clothing by WovenplayPiper’s lace top by Berits Lilla | Kantha Rug by Empire Homewares | Bedding by Soft Gallery | Canopy by Numero 74 |Dream Catcher Bag – Vintage |