Storykins // The Awesome Book of Love

We are in love with The Awesome Book of Love, the third addition to Dallas Clayton’s “The Awesome Book” series.  His illustrations and words always give kids so much empowerment and confidence.  Dallas Clayton has a way of taking everyday challenges like “differences” , and “goodbyes” and celebrating it in a way kids understand with so much positive light.

“If I was a dinosaur, and you were a jet there’s a chance, a good chance that we’d never have met…you’re you and I’m me and we’re together as together can be…It’s about iving life with such strength and emotion and knowing that waves are just part of the ocean…I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! In so many ways over thousands of year over million of days….”

You can also always count on Dallas Clayton’s instagram and Tumblr to make you smile.


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STORYKINS // Renee at the Broome Hotel

Renee Lin 0006

Renee Lin 0033

Renee Lin 0174 RET

Renee Lin 0072

Renee Lin 0026

Renee Lin 0077 RET

Meet Renee.
A young girl who lives at The Broome Hotel in New York City.
She may be youthful but she is full of wit and charm.

The city would love her spunk and character.
The museums would happily frame her candid spirt.
The cafès would eagerly fuss over hot cocoas and sweet treats just for her.

She is a city child.
She knows her block well.
Cast iron buildings rooted into the paved streets.
She knows there is history but she is a modern girl.

A modern girl living in a modern building.
She knows every crook and cranny of The Broome Hotel.
But watch out!
Those mysterious and curious eyes can be misleading.

She likes to chew gum.
Read unusual books.
Doodle on scraps of Father’s paper.
She likes to make silly faces.

She is an inquisitive young girl.
She is Renee at The Broome Hotel.

Photography | Lee Clower
Styling | Lee Clower
Dress | Mischka Aoki
Black Jacket | Lamantine Paris
Faux Fur Collar | Zara Kids
Location | The Broome Hotel
Model | Renee

Renee at The Broome Hotel is a play on Kay Thompson’s Eloise.
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