Storykins: How To Grow A Friend


How To Grow A Friend is a great book about the value of friendship. Everything you need to know about how to treat others and make a friendship bloom, beautifully written and illustrated by Sara Gillingham.

plant a seed

“To grow a friend first you must plant a seed / To grow a friend, talk and listen”


There are so many valuable words of wisdom and the two friends in the book run into ups and downs, as friends do. The illustrations are modern, textured, simple and beautiful. The children in the book are mixed gender and race. So much thought and care went into this book. It would be a great book for making new friends, for a little one starting a new school or moving into a new home or city.


This book is a sweet reminder that just like seeds, friends need to be tended and cultivated.

“Always remember, there is room for one more”.

Storykins // Buckle Up. It's Time To Blast Off

The noise as he turns the huge rough pages. The smell, new crisp edges. He loves the whole new experience of a new book. Our latest, I’ve had my eye on for a while. Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers Of Space.

”Our Universe is very complicated, and many scientists spend their entire lives trying to unravel its greatest secrets – in fact, many of these secrets are yet to be uncovered. But don’t worry, Professor Astro is here to help, and I am just about the cleverest alley cat you’ll ever meet! So batten down the hatches and buckle up. It’s time to blast off and discover Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space!”.

Space is a hugely in-depth subject. The plain speaking of the text remains scientific and accurately written in a tone that makes for achievable reading for Euan. The facts blow his mind, the leading questions of the mysteries of life in the unknown excite him. His imagination triggered at the thought of what lies out there and what could be.

With ”Factoroids” that cover everything from the Universe, the Moon and the Stars to Rockets, Space Stations and the potential future of space travel… space rides in elevator’s and wormholes anyone?

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Opening Book

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Astro Cat Space Travel

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Space Room

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Astro Cat with Milkshake

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Astro Cat Alien Pages

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Astro Cat Solar System

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins | Reading Astro Cat

Babiekins Magazine | Astro Cat Reading

”There are still many mysteries out there waiting to be solved in the great depths of space, and with each discovery will come just as many new questions. So now, my friends, this curious cat has to shoot off and see what he can find! …. Perhaps one day you’ll venture into the stars in your own spaceship and help solve the mysteries at the frontiers of space.”

I adore the colour palette used in the illustrations. Not only does it look great it’s detailed without being overwhelming this book will indefinitely grow with Euan and will serve as a great reference book in his  school years.

Right now? He’s talking about how one day he’s going to space in an elevator.

Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers Of Space | Dr. Dominic Walliman | Illustrated by Ben Newman

Storykins // Animalium

Babiekins Magazine | Storykins  AnimaliumBabiekins Magazine | Storykins  AnimaliumBabiekins Magazine | Storykins  AnimaliumBabiekins Magazine | Storykins  AnimaliumBabiekins Magazine | Storykins  AnimaliumBabiekins Magazine | Storykins  AnimaliumBabiekins Magazine | Storykins  Animalium

Raising a tiny explorer means I am constantly seeking out new inspirations for her. She loves learning about animals and thirsts for picture books that she can use for her endless artworks. Animalium Curated by Katie Scott & Jenny Broom is the perfect book. Set up like a museum, Animalium explains how animals have evolved over time, shows little people inside the dissection laboratory and introduces animals from every corner of the earth.

In Piper’s words, “this book is filled with the prettiest and scariest animals and I like skates and I want to read this book forever.” Animalium kept her captivated and her little eyes widened as she studied the amazingly detailed illustrations and asked a million questions about each one! Each chapter in the book features a different branch from the tree of life, from reptiles to birds to mammals. Boys and girls alike will love this endlessly inspired find.

A book that can be read again and again, used for school projects, drawing stimulus and even as the perfect wall display on a shelf above their beds. The first of a series of “virtual museums” by the same creators. We have added it to her birthday need list.

Credits // Piper’s top and skirt by Bobo Choses | Plastic Animals Schliech | Art Supplies from Little Snail | Stuffed Toy by Lucky Boy Sunday