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I would have to say that most of us are familiar with Joy Cho, the creative force behind the Oh Joy brand. Many of us know her as an inspiring blogger and a modern designer who seeks out the vibrant colors in life and incorporates them into her daily routines. Joy recently partnered with Land of Nod to create a colorful collection of bedding and décor with the little one’s style in mind. We had the chance to talk with her about this whimsical line and hear her thoughts on the creative process.



Your new line for Land of Nod is sprinkled with hints of warmth and summer and pops of color. Where did you pull your inspiration?
Ice cream is my daughter’s favorite food. When I was designing the collection, I thought a lot about what I would like to be surrounded by and everything about ice cream– from the bright colors to the endless choices of toppings. This really jumped out as the perfect concept for design. The other theme is called Pattern Party. It’s inspired by the drawings that children create when they’re first learning how to draw: simple, playful shapes like hearts, circle, and squares.

We love how colors and shapes play such an important role in your creations. From the products you design, to your home décor, to the look of your blog we see bold shapes and bright colors. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process and why you are attracted to such colors and geometrics?
The Oh Joy brand is all about adding happiness and inspiration to your everyday life. Everything I design starts with colors that are bright and fun and a play on mix-and-match patterns.

Speaking of pops of color, what are some of your favorite colors to work with?
I love the color green, but the shade I love changes every year. Right now it’s mint. I also love bright yellow, cobalt blue, and hot pink. My favorite neutral right now is shiny gold—I can never get enough.

You’ve partnered with Land of Nod in the past, and now you have an exclusive line created just for them just by you. What were some of your favorite steps in bringing this project to life?
My favorite part is getting to see things that I design in 2D turn into real life 3D items!

What do you think kids will love most about this line?
I think the Ice Cream and Cherry pillows are so cute. Many of Ruby’s friends sleep with the ice cream pillow every night!

What do you love most about this line?
I love that it can grow with a child. Whether it’s a baby, toddler, child, or pre-teen, it’s designed to last for a while and something she won’t get bored of too quickly.

The “Sundae Best Bedding” reminds me of a hot summer day when children wait at the edges of their lawns for the ice cream truck to come by. I have to ask, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip, for sure.

It must be since mint is your favorite shade of green these days! Spring is finally in the air and I have a feeling that our Babiekins readers are ready to spruce up their little one’s rooms with a few fresh touches that reflect these warmer days. Any tips you can share with our readers?
You don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money to refresh a child’s room, so smaller accessories like fun pillows and artwork are the quickest and least expensive way to update a room in a flash.


You can see more of Oh Joy for Nod on Land of Nod and follow along with Joy’s daily journey on her blog Oh Joy.

Photographs by Bonnie Tsang and Land of Nod

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Partykins // Easter prep

Easter is on its way, so a little DIY is in order.

All you need are some white plastic eggs, scissors, a black marker, black dot stickers and little tote bags. Easy.


I used a fabric marker to write on the tote bags for the kids.



I also made Jeanne adorable bunny ears using felt, cardboard and a headband. Below you can see how I put it together.

foto 2-6IMG_1979

‘Let’s grow old together’ poster by Mini Willa.
Jeanne is wearing a Mini Rodini shirt , Thief&Bandit leggings (available here) and Happy Socks.

Hope you all enjoy this time of year. We do, especially the chocolate that comes with it!

Posted by Isabel.