Partykins // Easter prep

Easter is on its way, so a little DIY is in order.

All you need are some white plastic eggs, scissors, a black marker, black dot stickers and little tote bags. Easy.


I used a fabric marker to write on the tote bags for the kids.



I also made Jeanne adorable bunny ears using felt, cardboard and a headband. Below you can see how I put it together.

foto 2-6IMG_1979

‘Let’s grow old together’ poster by Mini Willa.
Jeanne is wearing a Mini Rodini shirt , Thief&Bandit leggings (available here) and Happy Socks.

Hope you all enjoy this time of year. We do, especially the chocolate that comes with it!

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Sleepykins // Style Tips With Love, Design

Hello Babekins Readers! My name is Jessica Klein, interior designer for With Love, Design and writer behind the blog Oh I Design. Although I do not have any little ones of my own running around yet, I have many clients that do and their rooms are my absolute favorite to decorate. I have gathered a few of my current favorite kids’ rooms along with some styling + design tips.



1. Go bold with pattern + color: Mixing patterns and lots of color is a must in my book for kids’ rooms. This is one room where you can really go all out and let your creativity run free. Color and pattern can be intimidating for most people in the more dominant rooms of their home, but a kids’ room is the perfect space to let your creativity run free!


2. Create a transitional space – you don’t always have to “theme” your kids’ room to fit their age (ie: a race car room for a boy). The photo above is for a little girl that could grow into the space for a few years (with minor alterations…because we all like to move things around a bit, right?).
nursery3. Specify areas of the room for various activities with furniture. Like the photo above, there is surface area for drawing and dressers for finding the perfect outfit for the day. Incorporate unique furniture pieces to conceal toys and tchotchkes. Too many toys and small decor items can make a room feel more cluttered than it actually is. Bonus: kids are more likely to put their things away if they have a home. You could event have them label the drawers or baskets to their liking.

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