Momkins // One Look 3 Ways

I’m a loyal skinny jean fan. My trusty 501′s are so beat up they’re practically falling apart. But I adore them.

With a little trepidation I moved the skinny fit denim aside to make room for some flares and embrace the summer 70′s vibes. Here’s how I’ve been styling mine… I think I’m converted.

Babiekins Magazine_Momkins_One Look 3 Ways_Flares Sitting In Daisies

Babiekins Magazine_Momkins_One Look 3 Ways_Flares_Walking By River

Babiekins Magazine_Momkins_One Look 3 Ways_Flares_Oil Seed Fields

Babiekins Magazine_Momkins_One Look 3 Ways_Flares_Oil Seed Fields Stormy Sky

Babiekins Magazine_Momkins_One Look 3 Ways_Flares_Posting Letter

Babiekins Magazine_Momkins_One Look 3 Ways_Flares_Letterbox


Outfit One // Headscarf  Twenty 8 Twelve | Sunglasses Prada | T Shirt High Waist Flares  Topshop |  Espadrilles Kurt Geiger | Jacket Zara TRF

Outfit Two // Sunglasses Prada | T Shirt High Waist Flares Topshop | Slouchy Knit Zara | Sliders Nike

Outfit Three // Sunglasses MiuMiu | Check Shirt River Island | Slogan Tee Print Liberation | High Waist Flares Topshop | Bag Zara | Solid Wood Wedges Vintage












Luvkins // Breakfast in Bed

Babiekins Magazine | Luvkins // Breakfast in BedCredits | 01. Strawberry Rose | 02. Heart Shaped Egg & Toast | 03. Strawberry-Brie Waffle Bites | 04. Love Pancakes | 05. Heart Pancakes | 06. Strawberry Waffles

This Mother’s Day I want nothing more than breakfast in bed and a day in my pajamas with my boys. Imagine waking up to one of these delicious breakfasts made for you by your loved ones. I am drooling already! All of these breakfasts show that they were made with Love and are easy enough for your babiekins to help in the kitchen. Enjoy your Mother’s Day, I know I will – especially if my boys whip me up the Strawberry-Brie Waffle Bites and present me with a bouquet of Strawberry Roses that I can eat – Yum!

Momkins // Hey Pretty Mama: Richelle Cote

I had the pleasure of meeting Richelle Cote, the woman behind “Neighborhood Collective”, back in March. Richelle and I became friends on social media long before, so I was thrilled when we were finally able to meet in person.  We played on the beach with our kids, and chatted away about all things fashion, motherhood, and marriage.  She is as real as they come, and empowers other women with her easy sense of motherhood and style.

Tell us about Neighborhood Collective and why you started it?

“Neighborhood Collective” is an host company for creative gatherings in the San Diego area.  As a mother, I felt something was missing.  I desired a real connection with women that shared the same passions as I did.  After sharing my feelings with a few close friends, I discovered this was a common desire among many women. There were others that wanted a time and place where they could connect and make relationships with those that shared their love of fashion, food and art.  This is where the idea of Neighborhood Collective stemmed. I wanted to create gatherings that could bring us all together. One creative meeting place to do what we all love! Talk, create, and be inspired by interesting individuals that share a common thread.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I’m woken up by one of my kiddos. With no time to “slowly wake-up”, I dash off to the kitchen to make them breakfast and start a pot of coffee. My mornings are usually spent on the couch in our sunroom or outside sipping my coffee topped with whipped cream and cinnamon while the kids play.

Define your personal style.

My style is eclectic and changes depending on my mood for the day.  I tend to be attracted to a more “boho loose fitting style” that is reminiscent of the 70s.  I enjoy band tees, distressed denim, kimonos, leather jackets, shift dresses, and fun items that add a unique look to any outfit.

What are the top three pieces in your closet you can’t live without?

Black distressed jeggings from American Eagle
Lace up Madewell sandals
Gap black leather boots
Black leather jacket

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by other women; social media has opened up a whole new world and it’s so fun. I LOVE following along and watching how other women create art, raise their children, spend their time, and embrace life.  Everyday I scroll the photos of women I follow from all around the world and I’m inspired. I get to witness different cultures right at my fingertips and it truly encourages me to look for the beauty in everything.  It can be hard at times because it makes me want more (whether it’s travel, fashion, art, home decor or cooking amazing meals) but honestly, it’s not a bad thing to have a flame lit beneath you to try new things and work toward goals.

Where is your favorite go-to-place to shop?

Urban Outfitters
Free People
Forever 21

How did becoming a mom change you?

Honestly, I don’t believe I have changed that much. I am blessed that I still can enjoy all the things I loved before having kids, only now I have to bring a lot more snacks along!  I’ve learned to have more patience and grace. I tell myself again and again “a messy house filled with kid’s toys is a loved house, and it doesn’t make you a messy person.”  I feel like I am always cleaning and doing laundry and some days it’s overwhelming.  I am working hard to embrace it, the days are moving fast and I know I am going to miss them. I’m blessed to have parents and in-laws close.  They help out with the kids and take them overnight so my hubby and I can still date and really concentrate on enjoying one another.  My husband is also great at encouraging me to schedule “me time.”  Usually this includes shopping, errands, coffee dates with girlfriends or Target outings (shopping alone is my love language).

Babiekins Magazine | Boho Mama

Babiekins Magazine | Boho Mama

Babiekins Magazine | Boho Mama

Babiekins Magazine | Boho Mama

Babiekins Magazine | Boho Mama

Babiekins Magazine | Boho Mama

Editors Note: I love How Richelle has the perfect eclectic balance in her style.  She adds a little feminine touch with fur and lace, but accents it with bohemian pieces and classic tailored cuts that can be seen in her denim and hats.  She is equal parts rad and graceful, and definitely a mama you want to know!

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