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Babiekins Magazine | Kimono Love

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The perfect kimono. It’s a must in my closet. Throw it on and go – it can seriously complete any outfit and make you feel put together while chasing after the little ones. My newest favorite is this floral duster from Love Threads. The colors are vibrant (and make me happy!) and I love pairing it with denim and booties for on the go dates with my little boy.

Duster and Boheme Necklace from Love Threads | Top from American Apparel

Momkins // Sporty Chic

Babiekinsmag // Momkins // Sporty Chic

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Babiekinsmag // Momkins // Sporty Chic

I am sure this kind of outfit is something I will wear A LOT once I become a mama. Just as easy to wear as it is to pick out of your closet. Layers and layers of comfy things that somehow when all thrown on together look like you actually tried…pretty much the perfect combination right? I am wearing some of my favorite things in this outfit: the best maternity leggings out there by Preggo Leggings, wedge sneakers, a fitted black dress, a long black hooded cardigan and a great little leather hat. Boom. I could wear this all day. I could even sleep in it, and being 34 weeks pregnant (6 weeks to go! yay!) I really just wish I could just wear my pi’s all day anyways. I thought this would be a little more appropriate than pajamas for the real world, and thankfully it is just as comfy!

Hoodie Cardigan: H&M | Sneakers: similar pair HERE | Leggings: Preggo Leggings | Hat: Heavy Metal Boyfriend |

Featurekins// Behind the Scenes with Mara Hoffman

One of my all time favorite labels, the Mara Hoffman brand successfully fuses psychedelic, geometric and tribal prints with modern and wearable silhouettes. The brand is expanding and broadening it’s representation within different markets. Recently, the brand released furniture and home decor at Anthropologie. Additionally, there is an adorable line of kids’ swimsuits and cover ups with a new resort collection dropping this November. Let’s dig into the personal life of the iconic Mara Hoffman and get to know the woman behind the empire.

What were you like as a child? Quiet and introspective or outgoing and gregarious? How is your son the same or different?
I had moments of being both quiet and really outgoing, pretty much the same as I am now and the same as Joaquin is. I would say though Joaquin is more of a performer than I was. He is super comfy being “on stage” and will use it to overcome shyness. If someone comes to the house who he hasn’t met yet, it will take him only a matter of minutes to get behind his drums or ukulele and belt out a song.

Tell us something you think we would be surprised to learn about you.
I’ve been known to carry a crystal or two in my bra, I swear too much, I meditate daily, and fried chicken is one of my favorite foods, ever.

Imagine a moment of perfection. What does it feel, look, or sound like?
I open my eyes from a restful meditation and am on a beach alone with my husband and son on a warm day with nowhere to be and no deadlines to meet. Perhaps there’s some fried chicken there.

You have a little bit of an esoteric vibe going on. What are you most inspired by?
I definitely consider myself a spiritual human being. I’m always inspired by the unseen magic happening behind the scenes. I’m inspired by travel, indigenous people and their culture, and textiles around the world.

I am an avid follower of your Instagram account and love how much of your family you share with your followers. How do you balance family and business?
It’s not an easy one but basically all of my free time is spent with my family. I don’t go out much – I’m not always “on the scene.” I try to make it home for bath and bed every night. My weekends are all family. Now that my son is in nursery school, it makes it easier to leave in the morning to go to work because I know he’s heading off to his own adventure too.

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Behind the Scenes with Mara Hoffman

Where do you love to travel to with your family during the fall season?
We like to go upstate as much as we can to be around nature, especially to Airbnb in Woodstock. We’re actually looking for a house right now so we can go up there more regularly.

Would you be so kind as to share something personal with our readers?
I was making a big move in my life that I was a bit nervous about and my mother came to help me pack. She left this “note” on top of the packed boxes when she left. It’s travelled with me to new homes or studios for 12 years now and had become my mantra in times of hesitation or fear. It is also what I hope to instill in my son always, TRUST YOUR HEART.

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Behind the Scenes with Mara Hoffman

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Behind the Scenes with Mara Hoffman

Some of Mara’s Favorite things:
Lipstick: I’ve never been a fan of myself in lipstick, but I am a fan of lip conditioner. I especially
love Caudalie’s
Fall treat: Tons of apples. Carmel apples too.
Book: “Still Life with Woodpecker,” by Tom Robbins
Childrenswear label: Ours!
Song: Tough question! “Mama You’ve Been on my Mind,” by Jeff Buckley

What staple should every woman have in her fall wardrobe?
I’d say a great pair of shoes or boots are the way to invest for fall. Something you can wear everyday and not get sick of. After that would be a great coat, especially if you live in NYC.

How did you get started in fashion design? What prompted your love affair with colors and textiles?
I knew pretty early on that I wanted to be a designer. I went to Parsons and the summer upon graduating, I started my company.

The Mara Hoffman brand has expanded into home decor and there are also some childrenswear pieces within the brand. What will we be seeing from the brand in the future?
We’re in the midst of expanding our Bridal and Kids collections this year as well as breaking into a new and super exciting category for us this spring. We’re also hoping to open our own retail stores in the next year or so….a lot of good happening!

A sneak peek of the children’s resort collection due to hit stores this November…

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Behind the Scenes with Mara Hoffman

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Behind the Scenes with Mara Hoffman

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