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Babiekins Magazine| Bohemian Mama

Babiekins Magazine| Bohemian Mama

Babiekins Magazine| Bohemian Mama

Babiekins Magazine| Bohemian Mama

The perfect summer maternity outfit is a caftan style dress. I prefer one that is mostly open and flowy to give me the comfort I want but, still hugs me in all the right places to flatter and show off my curves. This dress is one of my favorites and I love to pair it with nicer and dressier pieces to keep it from being too frumpy! The vintage boho look of the caftan contrasts nicely with the black ankle strap pumps and the sleek leather backpack. I wore this look for a night out with my husband, and I felt like I stuck to my true style while remaining comfy and cool. And that’s a BIG deal in this Texas summer heat!

Dress: Vintage, similar one here | Heels: Forever 21 | Backpack: Target  |

Momkins // The Perfect Fall Sweater

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The evenings in NYC have had a slight chill in the air. A clear sign that summer is slowly fading away and Fall is near. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually excited! I love the crisp and chilly weather that comes with the fall season. It’s the perfect time for light layering, denim and soft sweaters. One of the staples in my closet, is this super soft hoodie sweater made by NYC designer Nili Lotan. Did I mention how soft it is? It also has the perfect amount of “slouch”. This piece can take you from the playground to an impromptu dinner with friends in a cinch. It’s an essential part of my “mom uniform”.

Sweater from Nili Lotan | Pants (vintage)

Photography via Laurence Martin

Travelkins // Polish Connection

This Travelkins post comes to us from Anna Whitworth. She resides in Chicago and shares with us what it was like to travel to her homeland, Poland, with her little babiekin, Simon. 

Babiekins Magazine| Travelkins in Poland

Having been born in Poland, it was always engrained in my mind that my offspring would share in my heritage. Ever since I gave birth to Simon, I knew I wanted to plant a seed of love in his heart. A love for Poland, its culture and its language. It all began with him still under my heart, he flew over the ocean twice, and there his polish journey began.

At least once a year, I take him back to my homeland, our homeland. As he evolved from an infant into a toddler, my fears and excitements related to the trip also changed and evolved with him. The First year, as a 6-month-old infant, I worried constantly about his sleep deprivation caused by the time change. A year later, at 18 months, it was mostly about his food intake, and his acceptance of completely new flavors and textures.

This year, I worried if my 2.5 year-old boy would actually like enjoy his visit to Poland. With his needs and wants so clear and visible,  his finely cut ways of doing things, I was worried that such an elongated trip to a different part of the world would turn his world upside down. To my surprise, it didn’t. He loved everything and every minute of it. I know it’s easy to think “oh such obvious claims”, but he did! And did so much more than I gave him credit for. I was the one that was scared and needed to adjust. I was fearful of the tears and sadness and unfamiliarity and the “no nooooos” and his “off” days. However, day after day, he surprised and amazed me with his enthusiasm, his pure and simple drive for the discovery of another world; a world in which he so quickly fell in love with. He made my heart grow twice as big. I loved seeing him enjoy the places that I remember from when I was just a bit older than him. His pure unadulterated joy made me the proudest, and allowed me to see these places in yet another light. Watching the nostalgic world of my childhood, through the excited eyes of my own child was the experience I will never forget. When I moved away from Poland, my life reset, I had to start over. Simon became my vessel between these two different lives and worlds of mine. He connects them, ties them back together and makes me whole again. He glues the separate continents of my heart back into one.

Babiekins Magazine|Travelkins in Poland

And I know when we go next year, it will be a different story and a new fear, yet a new beauty. I cannot wait for that, for our trip. My little travel buddy and I. Here’s to new quests!

Babiekins Magazine|Travelkins in Poland Babiekins Magazine|Travelkins in Poland

Anna Whitworth|Instagram