Luvkins // Sweet Watermelon

Luvkins // Sweet Watermelon | Babiekins MagazineCredits | 01. art print | 02. t-shirt | 03. wall stickers | 04. blanket | 05. cushion | 06. moccasins | 07. sneakers 

This past Monday was National Watermelon Day – did you join the trend and have a slice of watermelon or two? If not, here are some trendy watermelon goodies that are as sweet as the real thing. Watermelons have been popping up this summer on everything from apparel to accessories and home decor, and with another month of summer left there is still plenty of time to enjoy this sweet and refreshing fruit.

Fun fact, did you know, watermelons are over 90% water?

Luvkins // Made With Love

Luvkins // Made with Love | Babiekins Magazine

Credits | 01. ruffle bloomers | 02. shorts | 03. dress | 04. lion |05. sandals |06. dress | 07. elephant 

All of these cool, beautiful and one-of-a-kind goodies are from unique boutiques from a mix of different cultures. These handmade goodies are all ethically sourced and each item plays a part in helping to serve a larger purpose by helping to fund several humanitarian initiatves: provide women in Malawi, Africa and Guatemala with business opportunities and honorable incomes; help care for orphans in Makindu, Kenya; help feed malnourished children and provide literacy classes for women. Fashion with human impact is important in todays world of mass commercialism, and who doesn’t love goodies that are uniquely artisan made, respect fair trade and are globally philanthropic. Being able to make an impact and look cute as a result is pretty amazing and this round-up of goodies for your babiekins is just that!

Luvkins // Seeing Stars

Luvkins // Seeing Stars

Credits | 01. Top | 02. Diaper Cover | 03. T-Shirt | 04. Pants | 05. Dress | 06. Romper | 07. Trainers

It’s 4th of July weekend, a celebration of American Independence that includes enjoying BBQ, family, friends, fireworks and hopefully some fun in the sun. The most patriotic way for your babiekins to celebrate Independence Day and to salute the American flag is to match it by wearing stars and stripes. Stars are a trend in apparel and accessories that are fashionable and classic enough to wear even after the 4th of July day. I have a round-up of some adorable fashions that will have you seeing stars and wanting to pledge allegiance to the American flag. Enjoy and have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!

Luvkins // Going Bananas

Babiekins Magazine | Luvkins // Going BananasCredits | 01. Stroller Fabric Set | 02. Cap | 03. Bag | 04. Moccasins | 05. T-Shirt | 06. Beanbag | 07. Sneakers

I am literally going bananas over bananas! This yellow tropical fruit is adding a bit of whimsy and fun this summer season on everything from apparel, accessories and shoes to decor (Warhol’s iconic banana print is even on a bugaboo bee fabric set!). Who doesn’t love this yummy fruit? Soon your babiekins will be asking for bananas for breakfast, bananas for lunch, bananas any time of the day! Go ahead, let them go ape!

Luvkins // Crazy for Cacti


Babiekins Magazine | Luvkins // Crazy for Cacti

Cacti, though perfect for ones amongst us who do not have a “green thumb”, areperhaps not so perfect for ones who have nosy little fingers around the house.  With this, ahem, growing trend, it’s hard to resist adorning the plant’s iconic shape into your life. Here are some fun ideas for you to safely and stylishly incorporate these prickly beauties into your home and wardrobe.

Credits // 01. Rattle | 2. Tee | 3. Dress | 4. Wall Stickers | 5. Poster | 6. Wooden Toy

Luvkins // Yummy Donuts

Babiekins Magazine | Luvkins // Yummy DonutsCredits | 01. Donut Tee | 02. Donut Bean Bag | 03. Donut T-Shirt Dress | 04. Donut Cushion & Donut Pillowcase | 05. Donut Necklace | 06. Donut Swimsuit | 07. Inflatable Donut

Today is National Donut Day (celebrated in the United States on the first Friday of June each year), and who doesn’t love an excuse to indulge on one of these delicious deep-fried and sweet pieces of dough? Me and my babiekin do! However, this round-up of Yummy Donut goodies includes much healthier, cuter and trendier treats for your babiekins. Donut these goodies make you smile? Happy National Donut Day!

Luvkins // Breakfast in Bed

Babiekins Magazine | Luvkins // Breakfast in BedCredits | 01. Strawberry Rose | 02. Heart Shaped Egg & Toast | 03. Strawberry-Brie Waffle Bites | 04. Love Pancakes | 05. Heart Pancakes | 06. Strawberry Waffles

This Mother’s Day I want nothing more than breakfast in bed and a day in my pajamas with my boys. Imagine waking up to one of these delicious breakfasts made for you by your loved ones. I am drooling already! All of these breakfasts show that they were made with Love and are easy enough for your babiekins to help in the kitchen. Enjoy your Mother’s Day, I know I will – especially if my boys whip me up the Strawberry-Brie Waffle Bites and present me with a bouquet of Strawberry Roses that I can eat – Yum!

Luvkins // On Trend, On the Grid with Jacadi Baby

Sometimes the line between classics and trends is just a teeny bit blurred. Case in point: plaid, gingham, check. The simple grid pattern is definitely having a moment right now. We love it! If you’re heading to a baby shower this summer and you can’t decide between trendy and classic — go with both. Our favorite patterned picks from Jacadi’s baby collections (and their home/nursery line) are both perfectly heirloom-quality and perfectly up-to-date.

Luvkins // On Trend, On the Grid with Jacadi baby

01. Check Print Dress : shop the entire Les pieds dans l’eau baby girls’ collection | 02. Check Print Romper : shop the entire Dans le sable baby boys’ collection | 03. Cotton Gingham Dress : shop the entire Ma maison de vacances baby girls’ collection | 04. Cuddly Dog Toy : shop the entire A l’ombre des pins baby boys’ collection | 05. Plaid Sleeping Bag : shop the entire Tout Petit Jacadi nursery and home collection and the complete Jacadi home and nursery collections | 06. Striped hat : shop the entire Les pieds dans l’eau baby girls’ collection | 07. Cotton check print hat : shop the entire Dans le sable baby boys’ collection