Featurekins // Catching Up with Katherine Edmonds of Wovenplay

I had the pleasure of visiting the Wovenplay studio and shop in Brooklyn this summer and chatting with the designer, Katherine Edmonds. The space was everything I had envisioned it would be. The loft-like space was filled with clean natural light; and concrete floors and bare walls beautifully contrasted the whimsical and theatrical pieces that Wovenplay is known for. The merchandise is displayed towards the front of the space with a workspace towards the back. The workspace is visible to visitors and shoppers, which creates an inclusive and inviting creative energy. It was lovely to catch up with Katherine and inquire about the new developments at Wovenplay.

What is new since we last chatted with you for Babiekins Magazine’s second print issue?

We have just finished our Spring’15 collection which was inspired by the beaches and the landscape of the Mediterranean.

Are there any new designs that you are excited about? What colors and details will we see in the new Wovenplay collection?

We have designed several new exciting prints, and two new swimsuits including a ruffled Lola bikini and a boy’s swim trunk.

Which Wovenplay pieces would you say are the most popular?

The striped Lola Suits, Featherbands and Jess Brown/Wovenplay dolls.

I loved the creative vibe I felt in your Brooklyn space. It was invigorating to see your team at work. The manner in which the pieces are merchandised is so fun and aesthetically fitting for the brand. What do you envision for this space?

We love to work in this quiet space with the little studio shop in the front for people to come in and shop or chat with us about what we’re doing at the moment.

Why did you choose to set up shop in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is full of creative energy and many entrepreneurs working in artistic fields and making things by hand. Our street is near the river and very peaceful.

Are there any current trends, artists, musicians or designers that you are feeling inspired by at the moment?

I recently visited the Dia in Beacon, NY and loved seeing the sculptural works of Carl Andre and the color-rich and geometric abstractions of Blinky Palermo.

What can we find you doing when you’re not at the studio or dreaming up new designs for Wovenplay?

I enjoy spending time and having fun with my son and my good friends, listening to live music, visiting antique markets and museums, taking road trips to cool old towns, seeing stars and planets at observatories and camping and cooking.

Babiekins Magazine| Interview with Wovenplay

Babiekins Magazine| Interview with Wovenplay

Babiekins Magazine| Interview with Wovenplay

Babiekins Magazine| Interview with Wovenplay

Babiekins Magazine| Interview with Wovenplay

Wovenplay // Website|Instagram

The Wovenplay studio and shop is located at 190 West Street in Brooklyn, NY. Visitors and shoppers may stop in on Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 12PM and 5PM and Weekends by appointment.

Initial interview by Gina Munsey may be found in Babiekins Magazine print Issue 2.

Featurekins // Shop Talk with I Dream Elephants

Beatrix and Christina chat with us about their online shop and share their favorite Fall styles and trends. I Dream Elephants is based out of London, Germany and Sweden. As mothers, they fell in love with the variety of fashionable clothing options available for little ones and wanted to curate a shop with all of their favorite lines.

What led you to the world of children’s fashion?

After our children were born, we were so impressed by the variety of fantastic children’s wear, that we turned our passion for always finding only the best for our children into our job. “We couldn’t find what we wanted anywhere” might be the motto of many businesses and designers, but NOT ours.

The shop’s name, “I Dream Elephants” is quite whimsical; how did you come up with that name?

We wanted to find a name that appealed to kids and their parents alike. We considered everything that was popular with children and their parents, such as flowers, dinosaurs, animals, etc. We picked elephants in the end, and chose a name which would inspire the imagination and “I Dream Elephants” was born!

How do you select the items that you carry? Are your choices market-driven or based on personal tastes?

Of course we’re guided by our own taste to some extent. We have 4 kids between the two founders und clearly consider, what they and their friends would like. But most importantly we try to meet our clients’ tastes and expectations, which is why we always appreciate their feedback.

Among the brands that you stock, which are your favorites? Which are the most popular?

As Directors of I Dream Elephants, we of course have the luxury to only pick those brands which we personally like. Therefore, we have no favorites, as each has their own strengths. Molo Kids for instance has “grown up” recently; and is particularly popular with our customers who have 6, 8 or 10 year old kids. Nadadelazos, one of our favorite newcomer brands from Spain. Their autumn/winter collection
is inspired by African surma and mursi tribes and full of great colors and hand printed patterns.

What trends are you loving at the moment?

Plaid. It is strong for boyswear this season – a trend we have longed for.

What colors and styles should we keep in mind when shopping for Fall 2014?

Fake fur. We love Bobo Choses’ leopard and two coloured fur jackets which will launch in early September. Or the black fur coat by Little Eleven Paris.

I Dream Elephants//Website|Instagram|Facebook

Babiekins Magazine| Shop Talk with I Dream Elephants

Featurekins// The Heart Knot

Babiekins// Featurekins// The Heart Knot

Babiekins// Featurekins// The Heart Knot

Babiekins// Featurekins// The Heart Knot

Babiekins// Featurekins// The Heart Knot

Babiekins// Featurekins// The Heart Knot

When Mary Kent, founder of The Heart Knot, decided to launch her children’s line, she threw the perfect little tea party. A perfect end to the hot days of summer. Happy Hearts for Kids is a spin off of her adult collection, but brighter and cheerier, clearly made to make all little girls happy. The Heart Knot was created to tell a story of love, courage, and strength. I can’t think of a better message to teach our girls, and I couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Happy Hearts for Kids.

The Heart Knot// Website // Instagram // Facebook

Photography// Mary Royall Wilgis

Styling// Allie Mood

Models// Poppy (wearing d.Ra mini)// Elliot// Charlotte