Luvkins // Marie- Chantal

Luvkins // Marie-Chantal

We are a little bit ecstatic (ok, A LOT bit!) over the stylish new collection dropping from Marie-Chantal. Marie-Chantal is a sophisticated yet fun London-based childrenswear brand founded by Marie-Chantal — yes, THAT Marie-Chantal — Her Royal Highness, Princess of Greece! It’s no surprise, then that this gorgeous line is full of high-end pieces that are just stunning. We love the playfulness and contemporary style, and we especially love how every single garment is such amazing quality. Marie-Chantal’s newest collection is fresh, modern, and perfect for those light and breezy summer days we’re all dreaming about. You can also get 10% off your purchase when you use code: Babiekins .



Here are our very most favorite items from the summer collection!
Luvkins // Marie-Chantal

Girl Credits // 01. Hello Sunshine Tee   |  02. Piped Dress  |  03. Tutu  |  04. Angel Wing Sweater  |  05. Jacquard Shift Dress

Luvkins // Marie-Chantal

Luvkins // Marie-Chantal
Boy Credits // 01. Colourblock Cardigan |  02. 22 Sweater  | 03.  Casual Chinos  |  04. V Neck Cardigan  |  05. Dandelion Shirt


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Luvkins // Lightning Strikes

Babiekins Magazine | Luvkins // Lightning BoltsCredits // 01. Romper | 02. Reglan | 03. T-Shirt | 04. Sweater | 05. Reglan | 06. Sneakers | 07. Wall Decals

I have a son, and my go-to graphic to add attitude to his outfits has always been skull and crossbones, until now, I am loving Lightning Bolts. Your babiekins will be faster than the speed of light when Lighting Strikes in one of these cute graphic tees, sweaters, sneakers, or with these wall decals. These adorable Lightning Bolt goodies are a fun new way to give new attitude to your little superheroes!


Luvkins // Flamingos

Babiekins Magazine | Luvkins // FlamingosCredits // 01. Wall Stickers | 02. Garland | 03. Book | 04. Hoodie | 05. Plush Pillow | 06. Hooded Towel | 07. Sneakers

Foxes, Cats, Owls… Beware… There is a new animal taking the fashion & decor world by tropical storm – Flamingos! Flamingos seem to be flocking everywhere: in decor, garlands, books, plush, apparel, and accessories; one thing is certain, the Flamingo is the new must-have animal for this upcoming spring and summer. With colors ranging from coral to hot pink, there is a flamingo option for every babiekin – to be honest, does any girl have enough pink in her life?