Fashionkins // Gray Matters

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Gray Matters

Credits // 01. Wool Coat | 02. Broadcloth Coat | 03. Crew Neck Coat | 04. Tweed Coat | 05. Patterned Coat | 06. Leopard Coat

When it comes to outerwear “Gray Matters” and my favorite outerwear trend is gray coats. They are simple, classic, modern and versatile. Whether your little fashionista is dressing up for the holidays or running out the door to school, she is sure to look chic this fall/winter in a gray coat.

There are a ton of great gray coats to choose from this fall/winter: classic gray wool, textured or tweed, mod collarless, or leopard patterned. Which to Choose? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. This round-up of gray coats covers these trends – each with two shoppable options at two very different price points. No matter how much you spend, be it $29.93 or $410.00, your daughter will look like a million dollars in any of these gray coats!


Fashionkins // Kawaii Updated

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Kawaii Updated

Credits // 01. Tutu | 02. Rabbit Headdress | 03. Shorts | 04. Heart Tee | 05. Leggings | 06. Dress | 07. Shoes


Kawaii is an adjective in Japanese meaning “pretty, cute, lovely, charming, dear, darling, pet”. It is commonly used to describe anime and manga – those adorably cute Japanese drawings with happy faces… ahhhh cute! When I hear the word Kawaii, I think sugary sweet pastel colors. One of my favorite Fall 2014 trend takeaways from the runway were all the muted colors used, especially light pink (if you were to ask anyone who knows me for one word to describe me, they would probably say:”Pink”). These pink-blush tones go hand-in-hand with Kawaii — Children’s Wear Designers must have thought so too as the influence of Kawaii can be seen in their Fall/Winter 2014 Designs, with their use of cute smiling and animal faces on graphic tees, shoes, dresses, tights, socks, hats and headdresses. Kawaii was updated with simple or realistic black drawn images, muted pinks, tulle and of course a touch of metallic.

Kawaii Updated is the perfect trend for girly girls and will have them twirling non stop this holiday season.


Lil'Stylekins // Autumn Threads

Babiekins Magazine | Autumn Threads Babiekins Magazine | Autumn Threads1 Babiekins Magazine | Autumn Threads3 Babiekins Magazine | Autumn Threads4 Babiekins Magazine | Autumn Threads5 Babiekins Magazine | Autumn Threads6

We love you Autumn! Knit beanies, boots, and awesome tees for layering. I just adore Kira Kids – their Fall collection is their best yet and Lucas and I can’t get enough. Hot dogs happen to be his favorite dinner choice and he loves wearing his  monsieur hot dog tee. The fabric is perfection – buttery soft (I wish it came in my size!) and the colors are beautiful, muted Fall tones. And his hat?  It says “I will shine” and is truly a showstopper.

Knit Beanie from Prjona Plym | Hot Dog Raglan from Kira Kids | Pants from No Sweet Kids | Boots from Bogs footwear