Lil'Stylekins // Autumn Threads

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We love you Autumn! Knit beanies, boots, and awesome tees for layering. I just adore Kira Kids – their Fall collection is their best yet and Lucas and I can’t get enough. Hot dogs happen to be his favorite dinner choice and he loves wearing his  monsieur hot dog tee. The fabric is perfection – buttery soft (I wish it came in my size!) and the colors are beautiful, muted Fall tones. And his hat?  It says “I will shine” and is truly a showstopper.

Knit Beanie from Prjona Plym | Hot Dog Raglan from Kira Kids | Pants from No Sweet Kids | Boots from Bogs footwear

Fashionkins // Nature Re-imagined

Babiekins Magazine | Fashionkins // Nature Re-imagined

Credits // 01. Dress | 02. Print T-Shirt | 03. Granit T-shirt | 04. Cardigan | 05. Baby Bib | 06. Fleece Sweater 

One of my favorite Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 print and graphic trends are prints that are inspired by nature themes, such as botanical motifs, wood grain on fabric, agate and granite patterns. Some nature-inspired prints for fall/winter are so realistic they resemble wallpapers, while other prints re-imagine nature and include woodland animals such as owls, birds or deer adding an extra element of cute and curious. For fall, the trend for nature prints is to use them in romantic and charming designs. Here is a round-up of some of my favorite goodies for Fall/Winter 2014-2015 using nature-themed prints.

Lil' Stylekins // Rock A Roly Poly

Handstands are getting out of control over here. I have a 2-year-old watching the World Championships in China on the TV whilst attempting to recreate moves off the sofa. She thinks the middle of the supermarket aisle is in fact, THE ideal place to master her bunny hops and good toes. She’s hooked.

For the past few weeks Edie has been going to gymnastics at our local Olympic Gym, a great facility that’s been recently refurbished in the wake of the success of the 2012 Olympics. I’m enjoying watching her confidence grow and her ridiculously excited face when she comes home to show her big brother what’s she learnt.

I think she’s found her thing…it’s about time we expanded on the gymnastics wardrobe.

I’ve put together some looks for little one’s that really know how to rock a Roly Poly.


babiekins magazine | Rock A Roly Poly


Credits // 01. Vest Set . Moccasins | 02. Leotard . Leggings | 03. Leotard . Leggings | 04. Leotard . Moccasins | 05. Leotard . Leggings . Tote Bag | 06. Vest. Tights