LIL'STYLEKINS // Mimobee, a Boy and the Praying Mantis

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One of my favourite things about instagram is when you surf from picture to picture and end up somewhere unfamiliar and amazing.
I remember exactly where I found Mimobee. Another label, Quinn + Fox, purchased one of their amazing fleece drape jackets for their daughter and it looked so fab I just had to see where it was from.
When I then learned that Mimobee is fairly made in the USA and helps create work for locals in Southern California, I knew this was love.

Their finished product is so soft, so comfy and so chic. Here, I styled it a bit hip hop, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out their instagram for inspiration and versatility. I simply love that their clothes have a new and fresh cut, raw hems and basic colors. Mr C was running around with his head held extra high. Maybe that was because there was a large praying mantis on his cap for two and a half hours, but I think equally it was the softest Mimobee big pleat pants and the ultra soft Mimobee tail back tee that made him feel (and act) as cool as only he can.
And yes! The mantis was just chilling on his hat while seeing the world through the eyes of a three-and-a-half-year-old jumping and running ball of energy.

My little dude is wearing Mimobee big pleat pants in grey and Mimobee tail back tee in white.
Cap from Loud Apparel

MIMOBEE // Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest
Guest post by Karianne Pettersen // // Free And Wild Child on Instagram

LIL' STYLEKINS // Prints & Denim

During summer holidays, Lilou and her cousin Marcel, play together all day, every day.  Like true best friends, or should I say…partners in crime, they even want to wear the same clothes! They both adore printed leggings. These ones of Diapers & Milk have the cutest and brightest prints and they are so soft and comfortable! Paired with a denim shirt, they are ready for another fun day!

denim and print 4

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Of course I added some matching styling tips for mama’s and papa’s too!

Credits // tops, H&M, leggings, Diapers & Milk, sandals, Saltwaters

Funkins // Lulu Wilson at Hazel Village workshop

Featurekins // Lulu Wilson at Hazel Village workshop
Featurekins // Lulu Wilson at Hazel Village workshop
Featurekins // Lulu Wilson at Hazel Village workshop
Featurekins // Lulu Wilson at Hazel Village workshop
Today, Babiekins Magazine has the exclusive on the adorable actress Lulu Wilson from Olivia Munn’s and Eric Bana’s horror flick (eek!) called “Deliver Us From Evil.” She stars as their daughter in the film, and while she’s brunette in the movie, she’s all blonde in real life. We had fun getting to see her visit the Hazel Village workshop in Brooklyn, NY and Lulu got to explore the magical makings of organic stuffed animals.
She even got to take home her own custom mouse that she named Parker! How adorable is that? And can we sign up too?
Her movie is out right now, so be sure to get to the big screen to go see it (and leave the kids home!).
Lulu’s skirt c/o No Added Sugar.