Featurekins // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

Babiekins Magazine // Dress Rags Playwear

It was literally love at first sight when we were first introduced to Dress Rags. The playful lines and whimsical colors of the clothing in this line play off each other beautifully to form perfect summertime outfits.

Dress Rags believes domestic production, and is dedicated to continue working directly with local factories. Each batch of garments is produced in a small run, ensuring the handcrafted pieces are all unique and made with love. Dress Rags also personally sources all the fabrics, selectively choosing only the highest quality cottons for your littles.

We love how they’re pursuing authentic and imaginative styles, we love their dedication to local production — and we especially love how they stand for COLOR! We are so impressed with this brand, and can’t wait to see more from them in the future.

Dress Rags ::  Website  |   Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Pinterest

Photography/Direction :: Megan Dendinger 
Model :: Ava, Trinity (Paloma Model + Talent), Anya, Lily 

Featurekins // KNOT Hairbands + Party Ideas

Featurekins // Knot Hairbands





We recently stayed at a home in Solana Beach in San Diego (thank you Kid and Coe!) and also put together an adorable party for Print issue 6 full of colorful accessories, games and of course piñas!

One of the most fun parts of putting together this little party was dressing the children which included the incredibly cute use of KNOT Hairbands!

Knot Hairbands is a new accessory brand that sells an array of hair accessories that are perfect for anything from a walk in the park to that birthday soiree that your kiddos won’t stop talking about! They are even offering FREE shipping on orders over $50!

We love their scarf bow clips, turban headbands and butterfly bands!

Want to create your own piña party bowling game?

You Need//
+ 6 Pineapples
+ Spray Paint
+ Watermelon
+ Paint
+ Paintbrush
+ Cardboard box or paper

Take your watermelon and have your kiddos color it up. We added quirky polka dots to each watermelon but feel free to use stickers or stencils to customize your own.

Next, take your pineapples and spray paint each. We used a flat cardboard box as our working area so the paint wouldn’t go all over the place.

Credits //
Girls Outfit: 01. Flower Fringe  Crown 02. Dress 03. Shoes and Socks

Boys Outfit: 01. Shirt and Shorts 

Photography : Angelina Lopez  |  Wardrobe and Prop Styling: Priscila Barros


Featurekins // Dot to Dot London

This weekend Dot to Dot hosted another successful show in London. Exhibiting their visions for SS16 were 30 brands, 20 of which were new brands. From Interiors, Toys, Accessories to Clothing, Dot to Dot had all bases covered.

Eagerly anticipated pieces from favourites such as Milk and Biscuits their cohesive SS line this season using illustrations by Naomi Wilkinson ‘Swimmer’ is the epitome of Summer. Tootsa MacGinty staying true to their use of fun shapes, colour and character. Lapin and Me launching stunning new shades as well as new little friends to the range. Braveling introduced fun beanies to their accessory line.

The trends tipped for SS16 vary from very minimal sharp graphics and monochrome to huge flares, prints and floral’s evocative of the 70’s.

Here’s a sneak peek at some new and exciting brands to look out for…


Dot to Dot London Roundup


Credits //

1. |  Lucy Peach Slice are creating whimsical dresses with a retro edge.

2. | From this basketball dress. Expect more beautifully simple jersey pieces from Pala Mino.

3. | The Finnish brand Papu Stories bring bold shades and minimal prints using their bespoke fun illustrations.

4. | Mr. Uky, this super fun new brand has a personal story to each of their pieces, handmade with luxurious comfortable fabrics.

5. | The androgynous aesthetic of Cotton Sparrow brings subtle detail to simple basics.

6. | Organic Zoo, easily recognised for their ‘milk’ sweaters bring more beautifully soft basics for your little ones, with cheeky personality.

Championing superb typography in their lifestyle brand; Nor-Folk launched at Dot to Dot. If you love simplicity and monochrome, you’ll love Nor-Folk. With an adult apparel range, makes for perfect twinning with your Babiekins.

Noodoll are taking their quirky characters into fun stationery, the beautiful cloud cushion would look gorgeous in any nursery. Beanie and Bear’s swimwear has some great colour combinations, pieces that can be mixed up to create a great beach ready look that’s comfortable and fun for your little Babiekins this summer.

SS16 looks set to be another great fun season!

Featurekins // Keetan

With Summer gaining pace here, I’m having great fun shopping online for fun new pieces for my Babiekins’. Keetan has some great lines of new brands; from beautifully delicate vintage inspired pieces, to contemporary staples with injections of playful colour.

I met with Sarena to learn more about Keetan’s story.  A carefully curated space of true celebration of childhood and parenthood.

The story of how Keetan came to be is inspired! Sarena, tell us how this family affair was born in October?

My Mom opened her first children’s clothing shop in California in the 90’s, when my sister and I were in elementary school. She would take us on local buying trips, and we would spend a lot of time in the shop after school. I started doing the buying with her – properly when I was around twelve years old. Since then the shop changed locations and expanded, we began to travel further to buy. In October I returned to Los Angeles after finishing my Master’s, and we decided to start Keetan. Our online shop named after the littlest in our family, my five year old brother.

I love your family style, you’re so in tune with each other and clearly a close unit, with your mothers passion for the industry, did Keetan feel like the natural step for you?

Keetan was absolutely the obvious way for us to move forward. When we buy, we do not really have a strategy, we often just choose what we like; and I don’t think bricks and mortar can always handle the inventory. We have a lot of experience between us, and we all wanted a role in our growing family business. We agreed that a shift online was the natural way for us to expand. With Keetan, we have a great deal more flexibility with how much inventory we can carry, which we are all really excited about. My younger sister previously worked in womenswear and has now also come on board. It really has become a family affair!

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Summer Dress


Tell us more about your style, what is your go to outfit?

Right now, my go-to outfit is a plaid skirt, casual tee and sweater, and either boots and espadrilles! I should mention though that some of my best finds come from the shop. We have these amazing Stella McCartney kids embroidered denim shorts and I snagged the biggest pair for myself, I was so pleased they fit! One of my favourite designers that we carry is Morley. I can fit into their size 14 or 16, so whenever we write Morley, I always add a few pieces for myself!

…And what outfit do you love to see Keetan rock the most?

We have these Munster heather grey loose fit pants with paint splatters that he looks great in – those with a Little Eleven Paris tee. We sold the paint splatter pants so quickly – definitely a favourite this season! Keetan is super active and likes to roll around in drop crotch pants (either Munster or Nununu) a cotton tee and hoodie, with is Doc Martens.

You’ve referred to the fall as being your favourite time of year; What is it about the fall that you love so much?

October is our favourite month of the year because we love Halloween. We are all summer kids though, my sister and I grew up in Los Angeles and we cannot live without the sunshine and beach. We live very close to the coast and I think Keetan has a year-round summery aesthetic because it is what we are inspired by each day.

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Jump Shot

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Stella McCartney Dress

You visited Playtime Paris this year, How did you enjoy Europe? Do you find travelling a source of inspiration?

Playtime Paris is our favourite show, we came across some of our favourite designers there. We also attended Pitti Bimbo in Florence for the first time in January, which was quite a fun experience! Our entire family loves to travel and move around. My parents grew up in England, my Dad was born in India. My sister Simran and I have travelled all over the world together, we once spent an entire summer a few years back travelling through Columbia. Traveling is undoubtedly a huge inspiration for us. Many of the designers we carry are based outside of the United States. I also think that it is important to be conscious of where our products are produced. Brands like Mini Rodini are fantastic, because they place a lot of emphasis on ethical and sustainable production.

You have some stunning pieces, the addition of your illustrations you add to share them on your Instagram is such a fun idea!… You’ve introduced me to a few labels I need to learn more about. What it is that you look for when buying for Keetan?

When we buy, we buy what we like, and that pretty much encompasses our strategy! My Mom and I always buy together, we are useless without the other. When we do buy for our brick-and-mortar store, we carry a lot of casual, beach inspired clothing and cannot buy too much wool or warm weather clothing. California is experiencing a major drought and it has been so warm here all year round. We are really excited though to start diversifying our buying now that we have our online shop and can reach customers all over the world.

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan NuNuNu Star Romper

Babiekins Magazine | Keetan Handstand Shot

I’m sure you guy’s are in for such a great year… What does the future hold for Keetan?

We are so excited for this upcoming year! We are going to continue spending a great deal of time working on Keetan and spreading the word. We will be in Europe in July for Playtime and it will be Simran’s first time on an overseas buying trip!

Thank you so much Sarena. We can’t wait to see what this year brings for Keetan.

Keetan // Website | Facebook | Instagram

Photography : Elizabeth Pettey | Styling : Elizabeth Pettey / Donna Tweedale | Models : Olivia | Haileigh | Paulina | Maddie

Featurekins // Grass Stains Boutique

FEATUREKINS // Grass Stains Boutique

In many places, this weekend marks the start of summer vacation, and no more school until fall. I remember that exhilarating “School’s out!” glee like it was yesterday, don’t you? For my friends and I, summer break was always full of so much exploration and imagination. Our bicycles became our chariots, and we spent the days alongside creek beds, in the shade of old orchards, making paths through the endless grasses of the prairie, and picnicking on the mossy carpet of a forest floor. All these places were transformed, and became our castles, our fortresses, our uncharted territory. The world was ours, and it was magical.

FEATUREKINS // Grass Stains Boutique

These perfectly summery images from one of our summer issue (print no. 6!) advertisers, Grass Stains Boutique, bring back so many memories of those carefree days — how we gathered sticks and twigs and gleaned bits of string and leather and wood from the workshop, and used these found objects to assemble little forts and fancy accessories and build an entire kingdom and become whoever in the world we wanted to be before the late, long shadows of midsummer sunset called us back inside.

FEATUREKINS // Grass Stains Boutique

FEATUREKINS // Grass Stains Boutique

FEATUREKINS // Grass Stains Boutique

Grass Stains Boutique is a brick-and-mortar shop located in Graham, Texas. The friendly little shop stocks some of our favorite brands — labels like MarMar Copenhagen, Tutu du Monde, Manuela de Juan, How to Kiss a Frog, Wheat, Emma Levine and Petit by Sofie Schnoor. Be sure to check out the Grass Stains website, and say hello on Instagram or Facebook!

Photography: Susan L. Stroud of Two Sisters and a Bubba | Hair: Jennifer Atkins | Styling: Dawn Donohoo Phillips | Clothing: Grass Stains Boutique 

Featurekins // Jacqueline & Jac

Babiekins Magazine // Featurekins: Jacqueline and Jac
Babiekins Magazine // Featurekins: Jacqueline and Jac

Babiekins Magazine // Featurekins: Jacqueline and Jac

Babiekins Magazine // Featurekins: Jacqueline and Jac

Babiekins Magazine // Featurekins: Jacqueline and Jac
Babiekins Magazine // Featurekins: Jacqueline and Jac

There is nothing more fun than a new accessory to go along with a new or even an old outfit! We love the cute options that Jacqueline & Jac offer. Their vintage-inspired contemporary collection is some of our favorites. Just look at the quirky suspenders! Also check out their collection of beanies, headbands  and for boys there are some fantastic bow ties, pocket squares, ties and more.

Check out Jacqueline & Jac on instagram here.

Photos by Zoe Berkovic

Featurekins // Loved By Sophia Claire

With all the rainbow of colors, faces of animals, and light up everything, it is nice when you can actually find baby gear that is simple and stylish.  I love anything for baby that has a nod to simplicity and good design, rather than in-your-face fussiness.  These pacifier/toy clips are perfect, because they are hand-braided and real leather.   These clips from Loved By Sophia Claire, have become an everyday necessity that I, and my baby, enjoy using on the regular. Oh! An added bonus, is that you can customize the clip shape and color of leather, so now you and your baby have something to smile about!


Babiekins Magazine | Pacifier Clip

Babiekins Magazine | Pacifier Clip

Babiekins Magazine | Pacifier Clip

Babiekins Magazine | Pacifier Clip


Pacifier clip by Loved by Sophia Claire 

Featurekins // Girls and Their Creatures

We have a visual treat for you today! We love this photo story inspired by quirky girls and their unusual pets. Most of these interesting little creatures are from small handmade shops.

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Girls & Their Creatures

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Girls & Their Creatures

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Girls & Their Creatures

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Girls & Their Creatures

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Girls & Their Creatures

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Girls & Their Creatures

Photography & Styling: Anita Clark

Credits//Clothing from: Finger in the Nose, BangBangCopenhagen, No Added Sugar, Petit Tribe, Jessie and James| Creatures from Etsy.com shops: Elzemieke, WhimsyCalling, CoolCritters

Featurekins // Amour Bows

Featurekins // Amour Bows

Featurekins // Amour BowsPhotography Leah Mermelstein

We are huge fans of Amour Bows’ sophisticated collection that continues to wow us with each collection. How fun is this Pop Up Bow Face headband? Just perfect for those summer outings or even for the first day of school! You can also top off the perfect outfit with an Amour Bows necklace!

Website: Amour Bows  | Instagram

Check out our giveaway on instagram to learn how you could win your own headband from Amour bows!

Featurekins//Dream Daze

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Dream Daze

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Dream Daze

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Dream Daze

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Dream Daze

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Dream Daze

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Dream Daze

Babiekins Magazine|Featurekins//Dream Daze

Styling, Photography & Hair: Megan Dendinger of Megan Alisa Photography| Model: Lily (Paloma M+T)| Clothing: Stella McCartney, Caramel Baby & Child, Jak & Peppar, Target,
Little Anmy| Shoes: Zara, Pepe Shoes