LIL'STYLEKINS // Lilou's choice 1

My girl Lilou is almost 4 and I feel everyday that she wants to have a say in what she wears more and more. My first thoughts were “Really?! Already?!” and I must admit that first I was not so happy about it… Part of letting go the tiny baby that she once was, I guess.  Now I’m getting quite excited to see her develop her own sense of style, well…most of the time, but let’s be honest, sometimes I get horrified…

We agreed she could choose her complete outfit once in a while and I thought about making a little series of Lilou’s picks here.

Today she chose to mix leopard leggings with her elephant Mini Rodini sweater and I was thrilled!  Mixing patterns and colours, a nice idea for spring! Adding a little denim jacket for colder days and we’re good to go.  I would have combined this look with her black Converse shoes, but she on the other hand, likes some sparkle… so the golden glitter sandal it is. “They match the golden buttons on my denim coat, mama!” Oh my… did she just say that?! I guess she truly is my girl…

foto 1(4)

PicMonkey Collage Lilou's choice 4

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PicMonkey Collage Lilou's choice 3

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Enjoy your mixing and matching too!

Lilou is wearing a Mini Rodini pink sweater.  You can find it here.

She mixed it with leopard print leggings, similar here.

Photos taken by me and Pinterest.

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FEATUREKINS // Diapers and Milk


Meet Diapers and Milk, a unique French company that creates unisex leggings for your little ones. We had the chance to speak with Leia about her company in detail and here is what she had to say.

Can you tell us how it all started ?
It all started when my daughter, India, was born. I loved to see her in leggings and it was difficult to find fun and cool ones that I loved in France. So I started to think about making them myself. I created my own line. I am not ashamed to say that my husband helps me a lot. In fact I am proud of the fact that we make a great team.
How would you describe your brand?
I think Diapers & Milk is a dynamic, graphic and organic brand. I really love the fact that we use organic cotton.
What is your favorite piece of the collection?
My favorite piece is Clotaire. Simple.
Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere. The everyday live, but most of all it is India who inspires me the most.
How old is your girl and which brands do you like the most for her?
My daughter is 19 months old , I create my pieces for her so it’s obvious she wears them most of the time. Other brands I like are Gray Label for their simple basics, 10Is for their sneakers and Oeuf nyc for their very soft and comfortable sweaters.



























Thanks, Leia for sharing.

You can follow Leia on Instagram.
You can find the leggings HERE.

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