Craftykins // Gemmed Out Word Art

Heather and Heidi of Fairy Birds, are twin sister authors and designers based out of San Diego.  Their new award winning children’s book, Fairy Birds, teaches kids how to just give a little. The twins have also collaborated on writing pieces with Parents Magazine, Elle, Seventeen and others and are excited to share today with Babiekins Magazine readers.
Babiekins Magazine | Craft By
Babiekins Magazine | Craft By
This Be-dazzled “Hi” is fun and easy wall art to create with kids. Go on a treasure hunt with your littles to round up your glitter, beads, old necklace rhinestones and other fun details around your house to make something dazzling! This Gemmed Out Word Art can be a surprise sign you leave on a doorstep as a gift for someone or something to hang in that gallery wall in the playroom. 

Materials Needed:
Flat gem stones
Foam core board
Hot glue gun
Hot Glue

1) Gather Materials.
2) Simply decide what you would like to say or a symbol you would like to create.
3) Arrange the gems and adornments in the phrase you would like to create.
4) Glue down the gems in place with a hot glue. For metal pieces, sometimes you may use something stronger like E600 glue to adhere the gem to the foam core board.
Voila, now you have a happy sign to display in your home or give away!

Photo credit// Nina Seibert

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Craftykins // DIY Play Birthday Cake

Babiekins Magazine | DIY Play Cake by Mer Mag Make a fun and colorful birthday cake with household items you’re sure to have on hand!

Babiekins Magazine | DIY Play Cake by Mer Mag

To make this DIY play cake you will need:

  • The lower portion of a cylindrical oatmeal box. We cut ours to be about 5 1/4″ high
  • small extra sheets of cardboard (or sides from cereal boxes so it’s the same fiberboard as the oatmeal box)
  • 4 wooden dowels each cut to 3″ high for the candles
  • Duct tape in various colors
  • hot glue gun and glue

To make this cake:

  1. Cut out a triangle “slice” from one side of the oatmeal box.
  2. Fill in the sides of the inside of the cake as well as the slice you just cut out. Tape together to hold.
  3. Cut out a shape for the top of the cake based on the bottom base . Tape together to hold.
  4. Decorate the cake by covering in duct tape. We chose white for the exterior and pink for the interior. Cut a couple of stripes of white for the interior to indicate cake layers. We also cut up an assortment of colorful triangles to suggest sprinkles atop the cake.
  5. Cover each wooden dowel candle in a different color of duct tape.
  6. Cut out thin strips of white duct tape and coil around each candle.
  7. To make the wick of each candle, roll together a bit of duct tape, about 1/2″ high. Glue wick to top of each candle with hot glue.
  8. Using hot glue, glue on each candle around the top of the cake, being sure to center one of them atop the cut out slice of cake. (you could also use sticky velcro of you wanted to candles to come on and off). Let dry.

Babiekins Magazine | DIY Play Cake by Mer Mag

Babiekins Magazine | DIY Play Cake by Mer Mag

 Your cake is now complete and ready to be played with! Place it on a platter and celebrate by serving it to a host of friends, both imaginary and real!

posted by Merrilee of Mer Mag