CRAFTYKINS // DIY Flower Crown

Easter is right around the corner and we are doing a few last minute preparations. A good cleaning of the house, baking of treats, gathering goodies for the baskets and, of course, laying out the Easter outfits. The season of spring calls for soft colors, pastels and lots of flowers so I decided to add this element of nature into our Easter style.



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Follow the simple steps below to make your own flower crown for Easter or any occasion!

flower crown 2

You will Need:
faux flowers or fresh (I used nice faux flowers for this crown)
green florist tape
green or natural florist wire
scissors or shears
wire cutters

STEP 1: Gather your supplies! Cut flowers from the stems, leaving about an inch or so to work with.

STEP 2: Take your floral wire and make a circle shaping it to fit your head. I used two wires. Wrap the extra wire around to make a strong circle base.

STEP 3: Begin to arrange your flowers. Use the green florist tape to secure the flowers in place. You can either set out the flowers how you would like them arranged or just work as you go.

STEP 4: Continue taping and wrapping the flowers in place. Get creative and remember, there is no wrong way to arrange the flowers.

STEP 6: Once you are happy with your crown double check that all the flowers are securely taped in place and then you’re done! This delicate flower crown also makes a cute decoration to hang or place on a bed post. Happy wearing!



Clothing | Gap Kids
Photography | Elizabeth Jacob

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MOMKINS // Summer Essentials



You may be thinking these are the most simple, obvious elements of summer style ever. You’re right. BUT finding the quality items that last you a lifetime aren’t so obvious. I consider these essentials to all wardrobes and here are the details:


1. A panama hat. Janessa Leone’s quality is pretty incomparable, especially if you are used to getting cheapos. Highly recommend investing in a hat basically made just for you! (Gloria Hat HERE)

2. A great MONOCHROME bikini. Triangl Swimmwear fits fantastic, has a great material, and gives you a sense of modernness compared to the usual over-printed suit. (Indiana Ice Bikini HERE)

3. Simple white tee. I used to op-out and just have a ton of plain white tee’s from Forever 21. (Which always end up with holes and feel like sand paper.) I finally invested in a T by Alexander Wang and will never go back. This is ACNE Men’s. Great quality and oversized! (Limit Cotton TShirt HERE)

4. Delicate gold pieces. Switch them for your chunky rings and find so much more versatility. (Open Hex HERE, Open Thin HERE)

5. The slip on. If you can’t swoon over the Birkenstock, these Jeffrey Campbell’s still give you the idea of dressing up when you’re not! (Gold Bar Sandal HERE)

6. Perfectly cut shorts. These aren’t those high-waisted, butt cheek baring kind. One Teaspoon’s denim quality is amazing and these have a deceiving vintage look. Plus, they’re 30& OFF today at One Teaspoon’s Home Site!! (Outlaw Denim HERE)


Now for a Panama hat for the kiddos!! This can barely be considered a DIY, it requires no sewing & about 2 minutes! Here is how I fix up the tacky prints you find on kid’s hats today.


You can find leather and Barge Cement at Tandy’s Leather and other leather good stores. A lot of time they are even willing to give away their scraps! These two hats are different, the finished product is a fedora from Target.




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