Momkins // School Bell is Ringing

Every year it is the same routine.  Kids wake up, and you rush around like a crazy lady making everyone breakfast and packing lunchboxes.  Then you have to get the kids dressed and out the door before the school bell rings.  Am I right?!  With the morning chaos during the school week, it is no wonder us moms end up looking like we just rolled out of bed as we creep up to the school drop off line.  Instead of tyring to be incognito and hoping you blend in with the pavement in your pj pants, carve out some time for you before the rush.  It will make your day start off on the right foot, and eveyrone knows that when Mom is happy, everyone is happy.

I have been dealing with the dreaded morning school rush now for a solid four years, and I gotta say, I have found several things that make the morning run smooth and easy.  I like to squeeze in time getting myself prepared (mentally) and also getting myself looking less "mombie" and more human.  Ha!   For starters, a game changer is waking up BEFORE your kids.  I know, we all want to squeeze in those glorious ten extra minutes in heaven before we are summoned back to Earth by "mom" being yelled in our face as a wake up call.   Don't do it!    Set your alarm for fifteen minutes before your kids wake up at their usual hour.  Fifteen minutes doesn't sound like a lot, but any veterean mom knows that in a few minutes with no kids, mountains can be moved!  In those few quiet moments, I like to make my bed first thing.  It starts the tone for the day.  I wash my face and get dressed and do my 5 minute face.  If you really want to keep it easy, then skip the makeup routine all together and invest in some fabulous giant sunglasses (aka a mom's best friend).  When I am getting dressed for school drop off, I always opt for a T-Shirt dress or simply a T-Shirt and Jeans.  Easy and no fuss, bam!  A T-Shirt dress is the perfect way to be comfy, put together, and keeping it simple.  For my makeup, I wear only bronzer, mascara, and brow pomeade during the day.  I save the full face for the weekends out and date night.  I also always use concealer and under eye brightner, because these bags are here to stay.  Also, grab yourself a good tinted moisturizer and skip the foudation, It saves time and hassle in the morning.  Hair can be easily done by throwing it up in a killer Top Knot. I like to add a row of clip in extensions for a fuller top knot and pony (it makes it so easy to do).  If I am opting to keep my hair down and loose, I simply spray some sea-salt spray and just toussle my bedhead for a perfect "less is more" beachy look.  Done.  See?!  Mountains can be moved in 15 minutes.  Now the kids are just waking up and you are already ready mentally and physically and you have time now before school is in session.  Go get em'!

Babiekins Magazine| Mom Fashion

Babiekins Magazine| Mom Fashion

Babiekins Magazine| Mom Fashion

Babiekins Magazine| Mom Fashion

Babiekins Magazine| Mom Fashion


Babiekins Magazine| Mom Fashion


On Mom//

T-Shirt Dress from Forever 21

Sandals from Matisse

Sunglasses from Valley Eyewear

Top Knot by TopKnot Extenstions


Tinted Moisturizer from Stilla

Concealer and Under Eye Brightner from Becca

Mascara from Bare Escentuals

Brow Pomaded from Anastasia Brow 

On Kids//

Shirts and shorts from Target

Socks from Stance Socks

Shoes from Vans

Beautykins // Be My Valentine

Babiekins Magazine | Beautykins // Be My Valentine

Credits // 01. Cheek Stain | 02. Nail Color | 03. Lipstick | 04. Mascara | 05. Eyeliner | 06. Spray Foundation | 07. Clutch 

Valentines’s Day is a few weeks away and I already have dinner reservations made, found a baby sitter, have a LBD, chandelier earrings, and strappy sandals to wear. I am, however, a top knot, tinted moisturizer and lip gloss girl; so date night for me also includes a little primping and pampering. I have pulled together some of my favorite products for an easy ‘sexy mama’ look.

A radiant and natural complexion starts with foundation, and Dior has the most amazing spray foundation that goes on as light as a mist with a unique micro-diffusion technology. Next, my favorite makeup trends include flaming lips, liquid eyeliner, and a pop of color (my color choice is Marsala – pantone’s color of the year). And last but not least, throw it all in a statement clutch, something witty like this K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) that says “Be My Valentine”!

Beautykins // Fall Glow

Babiekins Magazine | Beautykins // Fall Glow

Credits // 01. Bobbie Pins | 02. Dry Shampoo | 03. Lip Gloss | 04. Texturing Mist | 05. Nail Lacquer | 06. Tinted Moisturizer | 07. Solid Perfume

When the seasons change I like to refresh my beauty routine. In autumn I enjoy playing up the natural glow that the chill in the fall air naturally gives to the skin and with a few extra beauty essentials, I become one hot mama with a radiant Fall Glow.

First things first, I always keep bobby pins handy to pull those loose strands away from my face when an unexpected breeze hits – this fall I love metallic finished bobby pins. I try to hold on to my memories of summer as long as I can, so I use sea/salt texturing mist to mimic the texture and body of my hair after a day at the beach. For those days I am running a little behind schedule and chasing my toddler out the door, I use a dry shampoo to add volume to my hair in a pinch. For a sheer hint of color and a natural healthy, dewy glow, I turn to Laura Mercier for the best tinted moisturizer ever – it is the perfect blend of skincare and makeup and is so amazing I have stopped using foundation all together. To continue the natural easy breezy look of fall, I am loving a sandy gray color nail lacquer. And last but not least, I put on some lip gloss with a little shine to rehydrate my lips and put on my favorite solid perfume that not only smells good, like jasmine and clary sage, but also comes in a beautiful natural shell…And, Voila, I am out the door, chasing after my toddler while  looking like I just spent the day at the spa… I wish I felt like it too!