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A statement piece worn two different ways.

When I purchased this sweater I knew it was amazing & a piece like this can be worn so many different ways. Can be worn with a palazzo pant or with cute printed shorts. Also feel free to add cute accessories like this gold heart printed make-up bag I’m using as a clutch! Shhhh!


holdingbag1                                                   pants22

pants1 shortsbag11 shortsbag2


All items worn here are from Forever21.


Britt Ritchie

Tips and Tricks For Styling Your Kiddo!

As most any photographer will tell you, whether it be for a commercial, editorial or fun family shoot- clothing, accessories or props can make all the difference in the outcome of your images. So, with that said, I wanted to offer some fun and easy styling tips just for you! Not only can you apply my tips to styling for photo’s, they’re simple and easy enough that you can totally apply them to dressing your stylish kiddo everyday!

- Do not be afraid of color.  Color blocking is such a fun way to make those photo’s pop or to brighten up an everyday look.  Try a pair of bright red or green pants paired with a yellow or blue tee.

- Scarves and hats are your best friend.  The things you can do with a scarf are endless- wrap around the neck, use in her hair as a head wrap, or  throw it over the shoulders. Also, what kid doesn’t look absolutely adorable in a hat- girls and boys both look rockin’ in a fedora or slouchy knit hat.

- Layer.  Long sleeve tee with a short sleeve over top, or long sleeve tee with a tunic over top is always a super cute look.  It spices up the boring old plain tee-shirt and gives the top half of the outfit some style.  On top of that don’t be afraid to use that scarf and a cool jacket to finish the look.

- Don’t assume that “your kid would never wear that.”  You’d be surprised by how much fun your little one (boys too) can have when trying new looks. Have fun with them. Try different accessories and mix and match dressy with casual. Remember that like adults, kids want to express themselves via their clothing too.

-Check out your area’s local children’s boutiques.  Most often store owners and managers love to help you come up with styling idea’s.

Image 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 shot by Kiwi Street Studios. Image 6 by Arielle Elise Photography. All images styled by ME.

Clothing provided by The Spotted Goose Company.

Have a wonderful weekend!


flanneryokafka: The bowl is back.

It’s back with a vengeance…and although I have no desire to jump on every passing hipster bandwagon (or pull my children aboard), the bowl cut has transformed my toddler’s haystack of hair into something that looks at least a bit–intentional.  (I admit, I love it.)

some lovely children’s bowl cuts and their adult counterparts:

So, if you fancy braving the bowl, take your child and these photos to your hairdresser for inspiration.  Let them know you’re going for a bit less ‘Andy on Family Ties’ and a bit more Karen O.  Heck, why not just do it old school, stick a bowl on and cut it yourself? If you make any mistakes, you can just call it ‘edgy.’

 Happy hair-cutting,


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