Fashionkins//Last Days of Summer

The last days of summer are bittersweet and inevitable, so we are enjoying every last bit of these days. Outdoor playdates and quirky outfits are always a good idea! Babiekins Magazine|Last Days of SummerBabiekins Magazine|Last Days of Summer Babiekins Magazine|Last Days of Summer Babiekins Magazine|Last Days of Summer Babiekins Magazine|Last Days of Summer Babiekins Magazine|Last Days of Summer Babiekins Magazine|Last Days of Summer Babiekins Magazine|Last Days of Summer

Photos & Styling: Vicky Van Blerck

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Schoolkins // Recess And Refuel

The first day of School, or even coming back after a long summer is a real mixture of emotions for kiddo's and Mumma's alike. Everything a new experience, new faces, new sounds, routines. While I'm sure he'll be having the best time, I'll be pacing the floor wondering if he's made friends, if he's overcome his nerves. I was thinking how I could get my little Babiekin a message through the day to let him know I'm thinking of him. Make him smile.

Recess would be the best opportunity. Sandwiches can be fun right?

Babiekins Magazine | Schoolkins | Recess And Refuel Lunch

Babiekins Magazine | Schoolkins |Recess And Refuel | Milk And Fruit

Babiekins Magazine | Schoolkins | Recess And Refuel | Sandwich

Babiekins Magazine | Recess And Refuel | First Day At School Lunch

Momkins//Art & Motherhood: Chloe Fleury

We are talking art and motherhood with Chloe Fleury, an illustrator and set and prop stylist out of San Francisco. Chloe has a young daughter named Lula and another little one on the way, but that hasn’t stopped the French artist from creating. Chloe has found a niche in creating magical sets, whimsical animals and décor out of paper.

Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

When did you start creating?
I grew up in a very colorful home. My parents love art, my grandfather had a gallery, my grandmother was a painter and both of my parents draw very well. I have been making things (paper boxes, origami, paintings…) for as long as
I can remember. Very early, I think around the age of 5, one of my teachers told my mum that I had a talent for art and I should be taking classes. So I did, for about 10 years. I went to an art class every Wednesday.
I never tried music, which I regret. And I was never into sports. My interest was mostly in drawing. I would spend my weekends and holidays making cards to sell to the neighbors, making paper boxes, I was already obsessed with paper and textures. I don’t know how many hours my mother and I spent at the art store. I had a little studio in our garage! Then, I graduated from high school and went to ECV, a visual communication school in Aix-en-Provence,
south of France for 4 years.

Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

What does “Art” mean to you?
Expressing myself creatively and visually. Making pretty things using my hands.

What is your medium of choice?
Paper for the last 4-5 years. I love creating little worlds, working on set decors and props. I am more and more interested in trying new techniques and incorporating new medium into my work. I just need to find the
time to experiment!


Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

Has motherhood altered your creative process? If so, in what ways?
I have never been as inspired as when I was pregnant with Lula (and now with my second). Lula sure inspires me a lot. Regarding the process, the most remarkable change is that now I have a studio outside of our home. Lula’s bedroom was my studio, but I had to move because I needed more space and she needed her own space as well. When she is with the nanny, I have to be more organized and really focus on my work and productivity. That way, when I come home, I can focus on her. Before becoming a mum, I worked a lot at night and on the weekends. That isn’t the case anymore as I like to enjoy our family time together. We like to be outside, explore nature, etc. This also inspires me. At night, I am too exhausted and just need to relax and have some quiet time for myself.

Do you involve Lula in your process, or is it a personal experience for you?
Not really. My work involves a cutter, scissors, glue and these are dangerous tools for her. That is also one of the reasons that I have a studio now. Otherwise, I would have to make sure the door is closed all of the time. She has so much energy and likes to touch and climb on everything, so I think it’s a little too early for her to be with me in the studio. It would be very stressful for me. However, I definitely can’t wait for her to be a little older so we can work on little craft projects together. For now, she is obsessed with stickers and drawing on her desk! Although she is currently not directly involved in the creative process, she serves as inspiration in creating new products for my shop. She has a few trophy animals in her bedroom and I loved creating her birth announcement, 1st birthday invitation and party décor. It is just amazing to be a mum and rediscover the little things in life with her. The colors, the words, the animals, the sounds…everything! She amazes me every day. I aspired to be a children’s book illustrator when I was in art school and collected many books. I love reading them to Lula.

Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

What do you do when you encounter a creative block?
I take a break! Sometimes when I start on a project, if it doesn’t work the way I want the first time, it feels like I will never make it right. That is so frustrating! I ask myself so many questions and doubt my work and talent. I’m like “Ok, I’m done, I am not good enough”. At that point, I just take a little break for a few days or work on a different project. When I come back to it, I feel much more inspired and have a fresh perspective on it.

If you could give creative mothers any piece of advice, what would that

It is hard to find the balance between work and being a mother. If making art is your passion, I would say to never give up. It took a long time for me to find my own style and have my first client. However, all of
the questions and moments of doubt are so worth it when you finally are able to live from your passion.

Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

Babiekins Magazine|Chloe Fleury

Chloe Fleury|Website|Blog|Shop

Photo Credits//Photo of Chloe in workspace: Maria Del Rio| Photos of Chloe and Lula in Lula’s bedroom: Sabrina Bot

Lil’ Stylekins // Fall Tones

babiekins-magazine-fall style-feather drumbabiekins-magazine-fall style-feather drum1babiekins-magazine-fall style-feather drum5babiekins-magazine-fall style-feather drum7 babiekins-magazine-fall style-feather drum6babiekins-magazine-fall style-feather drum2babiekins-magazine-fall style-feather drum4

Don’t tell anyone but this mama is so ready for Fall! The crisp weather, apple cider, back to school, and the fashion. The fashion! Gorgeous color tones that remind me of the changing leaves paired with cozy knits and soft fabrics – swoon! Feather Drum has hit the Fall nail on the head with their gorgeous collections. Give me all the deep, rich colors. Fall perfection.

Beanie | Muscle Tee | Quills

Images // Nicole Gonzalez

Craftykins // Schultüte (School Cone)

My son started Pre-School in Germany this week, and it is a German tradition to give your babiekins a Schultüte (a prettily decorated big cone filled with toys, sweets, school supplies, and other goodies) on their first day of school to make their big day a little sweeter. A Schultüte is really meant to celebrate entering the first grade, but since my family is new to living in Germany and I love starting traditions with my son, I decided to make him a Schultüte (entering pre-school is a pretty big deal too). I searched Pinterest for ideas and showed him several Schultütes: decorated traditionally; with ninjas; with soccer balls; with a giant crocodile; and one like an ice cream cone. My son, with wide eyes, picked the ice cream cone (an ice cream cone is his favorite treat after all). With my design inspiration in hand, I accomplished making my son his very first Schultüte, and this is a tradition I am thrilled to share with him and continue. Do you have back to school traditions you share with your babiekins?üte

Supplies | large cone or poster board | kraft paper | scissors | stapler | glue | packing tape | washi tape | measuring tape | ribbon | fabric | needle & thread | letters & or beads for decorating your Schultüteüte

Measure a large triangle for your Schultüte & or the paper to wrap your Schultüte with, then cut it out with scissors.üte

Decorate your Schultüte – I used washi tape, a drawing of an ice cream cone, and painted wooden letters to spell my son’s name.üte

Staple fabric to the top of your Schultüte, I also stapled a fabric scallop that I cut out to represent ice-cream, then fill the Schultüte with toys, sweets, school supplies, and other goodies.üteFill & shape the top of the Schultüte, I used bubble wrap or you could use tissue paper, then tie it closed with a ribbon at the top.üte

Lastly, decorate the top of the Schultüte to look like candies on the ice cream cone by sewing on beads. My son helped by picking out the beads to use, but I didn’t let him look inside the Schultüte – that was a surprise for his first day of school!üte

My son’s first Schultüte!üte

My son loved his Schultüte and he loved his first day of school. I hope your babiekins have a wonderful first day of school too!

Storykins // Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlov by Laurel Snyder

Storykins // Swan by Laurel Snyder (Author), Julie Morstad (Illustrator), Irene Kim (photography)

Storykins // Swan by Laurel Snyder (Author), Julie Morstad (Illustrator), Irene Kim (photography)

Storykins // Swan by Laurel Snyder (Author), Julie Morstad (Illustrator), Irene Kim (photography)

Storykins // Swan by Laurel Snyder (Author), Julie Morstad (Illustrator), Irene Kim (photography)Photography Irene Kim and published by Chronicle Books

When you pull open the pages of this book, you’ll pull back the curtain of time. You’ll be swept back through to the icy snowflakes and stone streets of Old Russia, where little Anna Pavlova heard the music of Tchaikovsky for the first time. The music filled her, its swells and pauses and staccato notes becoming the rhythm to which she moved, and danced, and worked long hours as a laundress. But somewhere, somehow, between the icy winters and the endless laundry and the music inside her, Anna become the Swan, the dancer, the heroine, the one who gave beauty to the people…the one some say is the most famous ballerina of all time.

“This book was about Anna. It was cold where she lived. She walked into the snow. She walked into the sun. She was a girl who danced on the stage in the dark. A ballerina dancer. She pretended to be a bird. People felt happy. She got flowers and throwed them back to the people.” -Aveline, age 4

Want to win a copy of your very own? Follow Babiekins on instagram and Chronicle Books to win one of 10 copies we are giving away!

Travelkins // Brioche And Beaches

Meandering through the cobbled lanes lined with patisseries, to the sound of espresso cups clinking and the smell of freshly baked bread. La Trinite-Sur-Mer in Brittany encapsulates everything we love about France.

We would cycle into the village in the morning and join the snaking queue of local villagers on the flour dusted warm cobbles for our fresh bread and croissants to enjoy on the beach.

Post War Southern Brittany was re-built to become an urban retreat for the modern Parisian. As we breeze past you can’t help but imagine effortlessly chic French ladies opening the shutters of their opulent beach houses that peek through the pine forests that line the coastal paths.

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Beach House

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Sun Hat Close Up

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Old Harbour

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Historic Buildings

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Jumping In Sand

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Evening Sun

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Vintage Citroen

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Back Street

Babiekins Magazine Travelkins Brittany Cakes

Babiekins Magazine Travelkins Brittany Beach Ready Momkins

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins | Brittany Mini Rodini Swimsuit

Babiekins Magazine | Travelkins |  Brittany Creperie

Renowned for the fantastic sailing it offers; the backdrops of the towns are lined with tightly packed yacht masts reaching high up to the clouds. Beautiful Creperie’s overlooking the harbours offering fresh seafood and Crepe’s for the children to enjoy after a day of jumping in the sand and exploring rock pools. We would indulge ourselves before we would cycle home through the sunset, skin tight from the sea air and prepare for the following day full of the same. Perfect family summer time together.